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Humm Kombucha

Humm KombuchaBy now, most everyone has tried kombucha! This probiotic, fermented drink has seen skyrocketing popularity stateside in the last decade. Humm Kombucha is innovating with their line of 13 unique kombucha flavors! We tried out the Mango Passionfruit and Hopped Grapefruit flavors and we were very pleased. Humm Kombucha uses a patent-pending fermentation process that allows them to avoid the usual trial-and-error that can come with the usual temperamental process. They’re committed to having ONLY what’s on the label in the bottle and having EVERYTHING that’s on the label in the bottle. We like that!

We also love that ALL the Humm flavors have 10g of sugar or less per serving! Humm’s packaging is bright, vibrant, and fun. With brightly colored labels with “hand-sketched” style illustrations, it looks hip, youthful, and healthy. The Mango Passionfruit and Hopped Grapefruit flavors are available in either a 16 oz amber glass bottle or a 12 oz aluminum pop-tab can! All 13 of their flavors are available in their amber glass bottle, and five flavors are also available in 12 oz cans.

Mango Passionfruit

We found that both flavors of Humm Kombucha we tried had sweeter, more pleasant flavors than other kombuchas we’ve tried in the past! The Mango Passionfruit flavor includes real mango puree and passionfruit juice, and you can tell by the fresh taste! The mango flavor comes through strongest, with just a hint of passionfruit to keep things tangy! Just the right amount of bubbles. This was easy to drink, refreshing, and overall a pleasure! We also loved the bright orange and pink on the label of this flavor!

Hopped Grapefruit

With a combination like hops and grapefruit, we were worried this flavor might be too sour and bitter for our liking, but we were wrong!! This flavor was also pleasantly sweet, and the Grapefruit flavor made an excellent complement to the natural bitter-sweetness of the kombucha! With just a hint of tartness, this drink screamed “refreshing”. A delicious palate cleanser, we felt uplifted after drinking it! This flavor also had an excellent fine and fizzy texture to the bubbles!

For more information visit Humm Kombucha’s website.

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