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Just Bee Blueberry – Juicy Blueberries With a Drop of Lemon Juice

Just Bee Blueberry - Juicy Blueberries With a Drop of Lemon JuiceStarted by Andy Sugden and Joe Harper in 2014, Just Bee aims to develop all-natural beverages using no refined sugar. Instead, Sugden and Harper use natural honey and, in the process, help to save bees by donating 10% of the company’s profits to British bee charities. Just Bee’s soft drinks take advantage of mineral-rich spring water, only natural flavors, and colors and fruit juices not from concentrate.

Just Bee’s blueberry-flavored beverage is packed into 330-mL carton packs with dream caps, which gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy the drink several times. The liquid is purplish red, turbid, and non-carbonated, with an strong aroma marked by initial notes of honey, followed by notes of blueberry. The taste is well balanced with the pleasant sweetness of honey. Although the blueberry flavor gives the drink a natural sourness, the berry notes are not too intense, and the drink contains only 15 calories per 100 mL.

Just Bee offers refreshing drinks suitable for adults and kids alike. It’s definitely worth trying this all-natural soft drink.

For more information visit Just Bee website.

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