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Tom’s Town Corruption Gin Named One of Fifty Best Gins in US

Tom's Town Corruption Gin Named One of Fifty Best Gins in USTom’s Town Distilling Co. announced today that its Tom’s Town Corruption Gin earned the title of one of the Fifty Best Gins in America.

The Fifty Best, rating the world’s finest in wines and spirits, recently hosted the world’s largest gin tasting, where 62 contenders were evaluated for the distinguished “Best Gin” awards for 2017. Using standard industry criteria, the pre-qualified panel of judges blind-tasted the gins and rated them individually on a 1-5 point scoring system, with 5 being the best. After tallying the scores, medals were awarded based on the judges’ impressions. Tom’s Town Corruption Gin received a gold medal.

“We set our sights on creating a world-class gin from the beginning, something different than a traditional London Dry,” said David Epstein, Tom’s Town co-founder.


“Our distiller selected the 14 botanicals that make up Tom’s Town Corruption Gin from a library of 70 different distillates. The result is a flavorful, spicy and botanical gin that people love. We knew we created something special, but the reaction from gin fans around the country is staggering. The demand is overwhelming.”

Source: Tom’s Town Distilling Co.


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