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Monk Drinking Botanicals

Monk Drinking BotanicalsMonk Drinking Botanicals are changing the face of adult beverages! They asked themselves the question: why do adult beverages all have to include alcohol? The answer: they don’t! Monk has created a line of artisan-crafted CBD beverages that use powerful botanicals to help bring more wellness to your day. Monk Drinking Botanicals are hand-crafted in batches no larger than 120 bottles, so you can be sure you’re getting top quality in every sip.

Each attractive 8 oz glass bottle contains 20mg of CBD, which could help with issues ranging from stress to managing pain! The screw-cap design makes them convenient to travel with and sip on throughout the day! Sweetened with NO refined sugar and absolutely packed with pure botanicals, Monk definitely hits the wellness mark. Their packaging is sleek, minimal, modern, and definitely brings a playful, “healthful”, and contemporary look. We found the Monk branding to be extremely attractive. The drinks are available in 4-packs of 8oz bottles OR as a sampler pack containing a 4 oz. bottle of each flavor:

052 | Rosemary Orange Peel

The Rosemary Orange Peel drink was a favorite among our tasters. There’s a strong orange flavor, more herbal than fruit juice, which is complimented nicely by the sophisticated flavor of rosemary. This recipe contains 12g of sugar (unrefined) and is sweetened with clover honey. Cooling, revitalizing, and balancing. The cheerful orange color of the drink is an added bonus, and the clear glass bottles showcase the different colors of the drinks beautifully.

049 | Cinnamon Citrus Shrub

This is one of two “shrubs” included in the Monk line, meaning it contains vinegar for gut-health! This flavor utilizes coconut vinegar, citrus juices, cinnamon, and maple as the main notes. There is a strong cinnamon aroma to this flavor, which reminded one of our tasters of “Sunday morning cinnamon rolls”. The flavor is complex and rich, with the tartness of citrus being balanced by the sweet warmth of maple and cinnamon. This recipe is also rich in minerals like Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc to give you an extra boost of energy in the morning or mid-day. With only 8g of sugar, this flavor is on the lower-sugar end of the Monk line.

028 | Turmeric Lemon

Monk Drinking BotanicalsWe LOVED the bright, sunny yellow of this flavor, familiar to all those who are fans of turmeric. This flavor was polarizing among our tasters. Those who enjoy turmeric will love this, as the flavor of turmeric is BOLD in this recipe. Monk has also added black pepper to enhance and increase the wellness effects of turmeric. The combination of lemon, honey, ginger, and turmeric is a classic wellness elixir, and we love that this version includes CBD for added benefits. Great for the immune system and for grounding and recharging! 8g sugar.

034 | Ginger Maple Shrub

This is the second shrub in the Monk line, and this one uses Apple Cider Vinegar for probiotic benefits. Don’t let the beautiful soft pink of this drink fool you, though. It packs a definite punch. Fans of ACV will go nuts for this flavor, but it was too acidic and vinegar-y for some of our tasters, who felt that it left an unpleasant burning in their throat. Across the board, the flavors in Monk Drinking Botanicals are quite concentrated, and some tasters thought they would be better marketed as “shots” or mixers to be used with water or sparkling water to dilute. This flavor is tart and sour, with a good dose of warming from ginger and a hint of maple sweetness! Rolled oats are included to add smoothness to the taste, but we didn’t detect much. 18g sugar.

017 | Grapefruit Cayenne

Those familiar with cleanses have probably tried a beverage or two that includes cayenne before, but this is one of the first cayenne drinks we’ve tried with the added benefit of CBD. This energizing pink potion includes grapefruit, cayenne, cinnamon, and black pepper for an energizing tart and spicy flavor! One of our tasters said this tasted like a “cinnamon pop tart” while for others the cayenne was a bit too heavy-handed and spicy. This is another flavor that likely won’t be for EVERYONE but will be well-loved by some. Some tasters also detected a strong “vinegar” note, but this may be the acidity of lime juice, because this recipe does not include any vinegar.

For more information visit Monk’s website.

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