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REBBL Harnesses the Power of Mushrooms and Super Herbs

REBBL Harnesses the Power of Mushrooms and Super HerbsKnown for soulfully crafting plant-based functional beverages, REBBL introduces the ultimate super herb blend in their new Mayan Cocoa Gold Label Elixir. The organic beverage which features four varieties of medicinal mushrooms, alongside adaptogens maca and ashwagandha, for an immune-supporting—and delicious-tasting—elixir.

“For years, we’ve sought to create an ultra-functional elixir featuring the ‘kitchen sink’ of our favorite mushrooms and herbs, traditionally used to support immune health. There really aren’t any other ready-to-drink beverages delivering efficacious levels of so many adaptogens and mushrooms,” said Dave Pirazzini, REBBL Senior Innovation Manager. “While it was important to harness the benefits of these powerful ingredients at efficacious levels, we knew our Gold Label Elixir had to be indulgent and taste amazing, so we leaned into rich, dark cocoa with Ceylon cinnamon and a hint of cayenne for our own twist on a traditional spicy Mayan cocoa elixir.”

REBBL’s Mayan Cocoa Gold Label is packed with mushrooms and super herbs to help support immunity:

  • Maca: An Andean super herb, this root is energizing and helps support stamina and endurance
  • Reishi: With strong immunity boosting abilities, reishi mushrooms are important for vitality
  • Turkey Tail: Rich in antioxidants, turkey tail mushrooms support the immune system
  • Lion’s Mane: These mushrooms aid in immune defense on a cellular level, while their antioxidants support cognitive function
  • Maitake: High levels of beta-glucan and antioxidants confer overall health benefits
  • Ashwagandha: This powerhouse super herb may support strength and vitality

National Mushroom Day is October 15th, which REBBL is leveraging as an opportunity to celebrate life-force and vitalizing properties of the fungi world, through digital, social, and influencer activation. The brand will also share a blog post written by REBBL Collective Member Dominique Crenn, highlighting her favorite mushrooms from both a culinary – and functional – perspective.

Source: Rebbl

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