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Nightwatch – Positive Energy Infused With Guayusa

Nightwatch - Positive Energy Infused With GuayusaNight Watch is an energy drink made of natural and organic ingredients—most importantly, guayusa tea extract, which is an excellent source of natural caffeine. Guayusa trees grow in the Amazon rainforest, where their leaves are dried for brewing just as any other tea. However, unlike other tea extracts, guayusa doesn’t contain any tannins, which rewards a rather soft taste. Night Watch also contains 15 essential amino acids, antioxidants such as polyphenols, and even chlorogenic acids, which may aid weight loss. The drink contains 34.8 calories per 100 mL, and though it clearly contains caffeine, its caffeine content is not specified.

Night Watch is packed into standard 330-mL longneck glass bottles bearing sticker labels and crown caps. The dark-brown beverage is carbonated and turbid, with a bottom layer of sediment. The beverage’s sweet herbal aroma gives way to a strong first taste of herbal tea, followed by fruity notes of apple, lemon, and grapes. Altogether, Night Watch has an exceptionally balanced, sweet herbal taste, with a rounded, not-at-all-watery mouthfeel. It’s a new, interesting alternative to green tea and yerba mate with a unique taste that will definitely find fans.


For more information visit Nightwatch website.

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