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NOA Relaxation – Potions Inspired by Nature

NOA Relaxation

Couple weeks ago our office reached three different flavors of Swedish beverage brand NOA Relaxation. Based in Stockholm company has released a beverage line infused with melisa and green tea. Looking at the bottles without touching it seems that they are made from glass, although, it is well made PET bottle. All bottles contains 314 ml of still herbal beverage made in EU.

Wild apple & Gooseberry

NOA RelaxationPale yellow color reminds of diluted apple juice. Strong apple smell causes  a little sourness feeling in the mouth even before the tasting. Although, after the first sip it goes away. Only gentle sourness comes with herbal flavour  which doesn’t have any strong aftertaste. Wild apple & gooseberry provides with refreshing feeling which remains for awhile.

Beverage contains only 19 kcal per 100 ml. One of the ingredients – green tea extract (Camellia Sinensis) is  an antioxidant which well known for helping to lose unnecessary fats and clean body. Moreover, there has been studies which suggests that green tea extract can help to relax body and mind. Wild apple & gooseberry is also enriched with barley malt extract which is rich in B vitamins. This group of vitamins helps to keep our body energized without using any caffeine. The last functional ingredient in this drink, is lemon balm extract (Melissa Officinalis) which helps to deal with stress, anxiety and insomnia.     

Blueberry & Birch

NOA RelaxationIntense cherish colour red beverage with only 19 kcal per 100 ml is the second flavor of this product line. Strong blueberry smell comes straight after  opening the bottle. When you take the first sip, you can feel that sourness blends perfectly with soft taste. Refreshing apple, blueberry and lemon juice mix with herbal extracts brings light beverage concept which suits perfect with any kind of meal.

Functional ingredients such as green tea extract and lemon balm extract gives the same relaxation effect as in the previous flavour. However, Blueberry & Birch flavour is less sour than Wild apple & gooseberry. This blueberry flavoured drink is perfect for people who loves sour berries, especially during winter season when is still long way until the summer.

Elderflower & Rhubarb

NOA RelaxationThis is the last flavor of NOA Relaxation product line with a colour which reminds of red grapefruit. It has more kcal comparing with the previous two drinks. 100 ml contains  20 kcal, but still that is quite low amount if you compare it with other products with the same function. The smell is sweet but it is hard to identify which ingredient aroma comes first. But right after tasting this drink, light bitterness and refreshing sourness comes from rhubarb. Elderflower and rhubarb flavoured drink has demanding taste which won’t fit for every consumer.

Elderflower and rhubarb flavour drink is enriched with vitamin C. This particular vitamin is very important since our bodies doesn’t store it and it is irreplaceable when it comes to growth. 

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