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Buondi® Caffè is about to Enter the US Market

Buondi Caffe

Giava Coffee Company is announcing the opening of commercial operations in the US, to distribute Buondi® caffè for the first time.The whole premise of Giava, a coffee distributor launched recently in New York by two savvy young entrepreneurs, is that it’s possible to offer a premium coffee experience in hotels, restaurants and cafes while still remaining extremely cost-effective.

These experienced hospitality, financing and marketing professionals provide the best coffee, right equipment and guide their clients in brewing quality coffee. They also provide training and support in maintaining that high quality.

“We are not just selling products, we are selling service by providing coffee education and top-notch brewing and preparation training to our customers,” says Nelson Branco, Giava co-founder and general manager who has over 20 years of business development and sales in multiple international markets and industries.

“Our mission, passion and obsession is to foster and spread the culture of coffee.” Adds Mary June So, co-founder and chief financial officer: “We collaborate closely with each client, discussing and advising on the right mix of products for the retail base and the best ways to promote them.” Branco and So first met over 20 years ago as graduate students at the University of Miami while earning their MBAs.

BUONDI® has been available in Europe and select markets across the globe for about 30 years. Since Nestlè SA bought BUONDI® in 1992, it has become the flagship brand for the professional, or Away-from-Home, coffee market. Nestle’s coffee production expertise has enhanced BUONDI®, which is roasted and packaged at Nestle’s factories in Europe.

For more information, please visit Buondiusa website.

About Buondi® Caffè

Launched by Montarroio Coffee Co. in 1986 and acquired by Nestlè SA in 1992. Buondi® caffè roasted and ground beans are available in a variety of intensities and formats to satisfy a range of palates. Nestlè S.A. (Vevey, Switzerland) is the world’s largest food company and coffee player, with solutions to meet every customer needs both in and outside the home.

About Giava Coffee Company, LLC

Based in New Rochelle, New York, Giava offers high-quality, full service distribution of premium coffee and coffee-related supplies and services to the “Out-of-Home” and “At-Home” coffee markets. Giava works closely with each customer to recommend the right product mix unique for the retail base, appropriate stocking levels, pricing and display recommendations, as well as promotional ideas and material to increase sales. For more information, visit Giavacoffee website.


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