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Nossa! The Organic Acai Juice Brand

Nossa! The Organic Acai Juice BrandThis product is packaged in 250-ml PET bottles with a wide neck. The label design matches the colour of acai berries, and it is simple and minimal with no unnecessary information. The product itself offers a natural and BIO message to consumers.

After opening the bottle, you can smell the sour aroma characteristic of acai berries. After tasting the drink, you experience the natural idea of the product. Not too sweet, it tastes very natural and fresh, with that slightly sour taste common for berry drinks. The mouth feel is very smooth with a slight presence of small seeds that come from the berries.

On the website, you can find more information. For example, each bottle contains 70 acai berries, which are super rich in amino acids and vitamins, making this beverage a great snack during the day. The product’s colour matches the original colour of the berries, so it looks naturally purple. Turbidity gives this beverage a sense of high juice content, which comes from the rainforest berries.

The health claims on the bottle’s label state that this product is rich in fibre and manganese. It’s also dairy free and gluten free, which is important information for those concerned about allergens. And the size of the bottle hits a bull’s eye too—not too big or too small for this kind of drink.

For more infromation visit Nossa! website.

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