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POSHN Functional Super-Juice

POSHN Functional Super-JuicePoshn is a functional juice and herb drink that comes in two fruit flavors with different intended effects! These innovative juice drinks have even taken home the award for Most Admired Startup of the Year from Coca Cola! These drinks are a healthy on-the-go alternative to sugary sodas and energy drinks, with no added sugar! They are also all-natural! They come packaged in a sturdy and slim 200mL plastic bottle featuring bright images of fruits and herbs and some healthful characters. It’s easy to decipher the supposed benefits of each flavor because they are clearly and aptly named “Recharge” and “Relax.” The screw-on cap makes them convenient for travel. It’s easy to imagine throwing Recharge into your bag to sip on mid-day at the office or taking Relax along for an after-yoga treat! Here’s what we thought of each of the unique flavors:


The labels of the Poshn drinks don’t indicate the actual FLAVOR inside, except for some illustrations of the fruits and herbs on the front of the bottle. But the Recharge flavor was packaged with a bright yellow label, which made us think it would have a bright, citrusy flavor. And we were right! This flavor uses orange, able, pink guava, apricot, mango, banana, passion fruit, lime, and lemon. They’ve also incorporated some functional herbs, of course: green tea, ginseng, and stevia. As you can tell, they pack a LOT into their small bottles, and it comes through in the flavor! Recharge has a bright, tropical taste and we DID feel energized after drinking!


The label of the Relax flavor is similar to the Recharge label but in a bright red. There’s a charming illustration of a woman sitting in lotus position surrounded by the fruits and herbs that make up this flavor! Relax provided a sweet and fruity alternative to more “herbal” tasting beverages that make up much of the “relaxing” beverages on shelves. They’ve combined apple, pear, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, cranberry, blackcurrant, and gooseberry juices and added chamomile for extra relaxation! We can’t say if we felt a noticeable difference after drinking, but we enjoyed the flavor, so we would still drink it again!

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