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Relaxation Drink ZenPure

Relaxation Drink ZenPure250-ml aluminium cans with a very clean and clear design send a message about the main function of this product. The product line is sweetened with natural sweeteners from fruits and stevia, which give it a nice combination of only 14 kcal per 100 ml.

ZenPure Roiboos tea

This non-carbonated drink offers a very sweet and fruity aroma immediately after opening the can. The drink is made with ingredients including rooibos tea, chamomile, and Melisa extracts (lemon balm) very well known for their relaxing properties. The colour of the product colour resembles natural rooibos tea with a clear brownish colour. The taste is fruity with a hint of herbal notes for a very fresh and delicate balance.

ZenPure White Tea

This non-carbonated beverage is a bit more sour with a combination of vitamins and herbal extracts. There is a less intense flavour and aroma, reminding one of an herbal drink, with a main note of white tea. The product has a natural yellow colouring with very slight turbidity coming from the extracts.

For more information visit ZenPure website.

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