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Pique Tea Launches in CA, Whole Foods Market

Pique Tea Launches in CA, Whole Foods MarketPique Tea, makers of organic, loose leaf grade instant tea announces its expansion into leading natural and organic retailer, Whole Foods Markets in Northern California. Pique Tea Crystals are made from organic whole tea leaves that are hand-selected direct from farm, at their peak freshness, brewed to perfection and crystallized using a unique proprietary slow brew process.

Pique Tea will officially be available on shelves beginning September 12, offering five popular varieties including Organic Jasmine, Organic Earl Grey, Organic Sencha, Organic English Breakfast, Organic Mint Sencha and an Organic Variety Pack containing all flavors. Pique Tea provides an effortless way to enjoy the fresh flavor, sustained energy, and unparalleled health benefits of exceptional tea, in an instant.

“Loose leaf tea was a fundamental part of my daily life while growing up in Hong Kong, and our mission at Pique Tea is to make the world’s healthiest form of hydration easier to prepare, enjoy and benefit from” said Simon Cheng, founder and CEO of Pique Tea.

“Launching into Whole Foods is an amazing milestone for Pique Tea, allowing us to reach more consumers and provide greater access to this healthy, great tasting and effortless beverage.”

Pique Tea Launches in CA, Whole Foods MarketPique Tea has raised capital from highly acclaimed venture capital firms including Khosla Ventures and First Round Capital, both known for investing in disruptive businesses with the ability to fundamentally transform industries. Other investors and advisors include master brand builders such as Keith Belling (PopChips), Leslie Blodgett (Bare Escentuals), and Ido Leffler (YesTo, Yooby, Cheeky Home), all of whom are backing a company in one of the oldest and most commoditized industries in existence.

The San Francisco-based tea brand has also recently debuted on Amazon’s accelerator program, Launchpad, an exclusive platform for launching high potential consumer brands that produce a variety of cutting-edge and innovative items. In record time, Pique Tea quickly sold 200 cartons in one day, earned over 65 reviews and garnered a solid five star rating from Amazon’s professional reviewers, Amazon Vine.

Pique Tea Launches in CA, Whole Foods MarketPique Tea is made with the highest quality loose leaf grade tea sourced direct from trusted farms. It is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and sugar and instantly dissolves in cold or hot water. Pique Tea’s proprietary slow brew process extracts the fresh flavor and natural antioxidants of whole leaf tea and locks them in a crystal form.

Pique Tea is now available for purchase in Northern, California Whole Foods Market locations packaged in quantities of 14 individually packed, single-serving sachets per selling unit. The San Francisco-based tea company launched in January 2016, and retails for $7.34 MSRP.

Source: Pique Tea, Inc.

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