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Riff Alter Ego Coffee

Riff Alter Ego CoffeeRiff Coffee is known for their delicious cold-brew coffee flavors, but Alter Ego has come to shake up the game entirely. Named “Alter Ego” because it is made with the coffee bean’s lesser-known counterpart: the coffee fruit. Riff Alter Ego is made with the cherry-like “husk” that surrounds the coffee bean before processing. Normally, these husks would go to waste. But they’re full of caffeine and delicious flavor, and Riff wanted to reduce waste and make an environmental impact by putting this coffee fruit to use. With notes of lemon and apricot, the tea-like flavor of Riff Alter Ego is made even more refreshing by the addition of sparkling bubbles! Think something along the lines of a sparkling sweet tea mixed with just a HINT of lemonade. The drink has a mellow, citrus-type flavor that made for easy drinking, even if it might be a bit of an acquired taste.

Riff Alter Ego is packaged in an attractive 12 oz slim can in bright teal and yellow. The whole can has an energizing, tropical feel that made us excited to take our first sip. For us, the best part about Alter Ego was the energy boost. Even without any artificial ingredients, this definitely gave us the extra energy we needed to get through our day. Busy people who are looking for a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks will love this! Each can has a little over 100mg of caffeine, only 6g of sugar, and only 35 calories! A definite improvement over the sugary and synthetic recipes filling the energy drinks aisle!

For more information visit Riff Cold Brewed website.

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