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TruEnergy Sports Shot Inspired By TruAthletes

TruEnergy Sport Shot Inspired By TruAthletes

Source: TruEnergy

TruEnergy shots are packaged in very unique looking 50 ml square-shaped plastic bottles. The dominant color of the packaging is orange, which might be related with the flavor itself: mango and citrus. As the bottle has four sides, all the information is very well located, starting with a big logo, ingredient list, nutritional information, functional claims, and even a word from the CEO about the brand.

After opening the bottle, you smell a strong sweet and sour aroma, similar to that of an orange. Tasting it, you can definitely feel the sourness and citrus notes, and the mango flavor is in the background as a second note. The product is sweetened with maple syrup and stevia. It contains various ingredients such as: coconut water, green tea and green coffee bean extracts, which are the source of natural caffeine and antioxidants, loads of vitamins, and electrolytes. The taste itself is very sour, but the aftertaste is very fresh, not too sweet, and fruity. The liquid’s appearance is turbid orange with no visible sedimentation.

For more information visit TruEnergy website.

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