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Pack’d Seeks £500,000 For Business Growth in Crowdcube

PACK’D is on a mission to fuel potential; having pioneered a revolutionary way to create nutritious smoothies in seconds with their..

July 6, 2018 with 0 Comments

Beverage Packaging Design Trends in 2018

With the third quarter of 2018 approaching, some trends in beverage packaging design have already made themselves felt in the industry...

June 5, 2018 with 0 Comments

The Label Makers embodies Snowdonia spirit

Following the successful origination of the first double-sided back label, Bradford-based The Label Makers have repeated their unique..

May 25, 2018 with 0 Comments

Talkin’ Things & MCC Combine Augmented Reality & NFC Technology

Multi-Color Corporation and Talkin’ Things are the first Internet of Things packaging platform providers to combine Augmented Reality..

May 21, 2018 with 0 Comments

Soda Stream Releases Exclusive Royal Edition Bottles

In celebration of the Royal couple’s dedication to the fight against single-use plastic bottles, SodaStream, the world’s..

May 18, 2018 with 0 Comments

5 Ways a Label Inspection System Can Benefit Your Business

There is no question that label integrity is a huge issue for a number of manufacturers. The high speeds that products are labeled at today..

April 3, 2018 with 0 Comments

Sino-Pack 2018 – The Rising Food & Beverage Packaging Market

Under the rapid growth of global F&B industry, the demand of F&B packaging keeps increasing. Together with the improved efficiency..

December 11, 2017 with 0 Comments

Beverage Packaging Design: Key Questions To Start With

We all on some level understand the importance of a packaging design in any product-driven business, especially in a beverage business. As..

November 21, 2017 with 0 Comments

Elephant London Dry Gin Launches Miniatures

Elephant Gin is a premium handcrafted London Dry Gin of 45% alcoholic volume, made with carefully selected ingredients that capture the..

November 6, 2017 with 0 Comments
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