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10 Innovative Cannabis Usage for Beverage Startups

10 Innovative Cannabis Usage for Beverage StartupsDue to the relaxation of legal restrictions on cannabis in some states of U.S, cannabis-infused products for recreational use are on rising demand. These U.S. states have also witnessed a decrease in the average sale of wine and beer by 16.2% and 13.8% respectively in 2018, since marijuana’s legalization. Nevertheless, according to an analysis conducted by Zion Market Research, the global market for the cannabis-infused beverage was valued to be USD 1,613 million in 2018.

The market for cannabis is quite profound allowing beverage startups to come up with creative ideas of infusing cannabis in their products. Here are 10 ways to do so.

1. Cannabis Infused Beer

Beer is undoubtedly a favorite beverage drink among the most. Cannabis beer beverage should be non-alcoholic as it isn’t legal to contain both THC and alcohol as components in drinks. Most of the Brewers intend to simply make them as a booze alternative by infusing cannabis terpenes which is a non-psychoactive compound. The Two Roots Brewing Co. is one such, leading the way among cannabis-infused beers. According to a report, drinks infused with THC or CBD are like to make up 20% of the edibles market and reach $600 million in sales in the U.S. by 2020.

2. Soda and Lemonade

An alternative to the above, cannabis can also be infused with soda and lemonade. These marijuana brewed products are much healthy alternative to beers. You can opt for a citrus flavored soda or pulpy strawberry flavored lemonade with below 1% of THC component. For example, the Sprig CBD Soda is infused with 20gm of CBD with a blend of all natural flavors.

3. Cannabis Wine

This pairing has been adopted by marijuana smokers for quite a long time. Wine and weed have also been simultaneously consumed for meditative practices. It may be too much for some but efforts are made to include lower alcohol content. There is non-alcoholic wine, THC wine, CBD wine to be found in the market today sold by top wineries like the Rebel Coast Winery.

10 Innovative Cannabis Usage for Beverage Startups

4. Cannabis Tea

The most classic beverage is tea. These two can be most naturally and rightly blended. This can be the ultimate way to start off anyone’s day and instantly boost energy levels. It’s very easy to grow marijuana plants and make use of its strains to create a new beverage. For beginners get some knowledge about growing cannabis seeds before you dig in a spot for growing them.

5. Cannabis Coffee

Coffee is more stimulating than tea due to its higher level of caffeine content. You can find available choices of ready to drink coffee infused with CBD oil or you can prepare one at home. The Just Society Coffee Tea and Co. is another most sold product of the company Cannabiniers.

There are a number of online seed shop from where you can buy some best quality cannabis seeds to make it organic and germinate them outdoors or indoors wherever space found and see them grow.

6. Cannabis Syrup

Cannabis infused syrups is another form of drinkables that can be consumed directly or mixed with other drinkables like tea or soda. THC syrup is available in the market which is like cough syrup but the codeine is replaced with THC component in very low amount. A suggestion would be- know the right dosage before blending this combination.

7. Cannabis and Cocktails

This pairing is yet to be done at liberty in bars or restaurants serving alcohol. Even though some bars in legalized marijuana U.S states do serve cannabis cocktails. The Tinley Beverage Company offers some classic cocktail brands like the Lime Margarita, Flying Mule etc.

10 Innovative Cannabis Usage for Beverage Startups

8. Cannabis Milkshake

Very delicious drinkable item consumers can treat themselves anytime this summer! Cannabis milkshake can be the coolest drinkables of all. It can be blended with different flavors and create one unique taste. Cannabis can be infused with vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and many other milkshakes. It can be versatile.

9. Cannabis Cola

Yes, cola most sought drink for the summers are opening up to blend with cannabis. The biggest name in the industry Coca Cola is eyeing to enter into this arena of producing cannabis-infused drink very soon. The Keef brand currently offers Keef Cola, which is infused with a plethora of flavored cola infused with different strains of cannabis. Like the Purple Passion infused with Indica strain or the High Octane infused with Sativa strain.

10. Cannabis in Fitness Products

Cannabis infused fitness products are gaining their place in the industry. Like protein shakes is quite popular among fitness enthusiasts. CBD has the capacity to reduce inflammation and provide relaxation to the athletes. It has some undeniable benefits which can be perfect for the fitness industry. Not every country has legalized it yet. Canada is the second nation in the world to legalize the stuff entirely for recreational use. Consumers can buy steroids in Canada from legally recognized companies online or from any local drugstore providing them.

Today, the millennial generation wants to experience that euphoric feeling without getting too high. The demand is rising at an exponential rate. Besides the above, startups will have to think out of the box to make their mark in this rapidly growing market.

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