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5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and Why

5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and Why

Wine bottle sustainable label (Gerardot & Co.)

A label is an important part of packaging that serves a variety of purposes, including product awareness, brand promotion, product distinction, and design details. Being unmistakably identified is a crucial attribute of any product, which makes it stand apart from that of competitors’.

From grocery stores to enormous event banners, product la belling is everywhere. A perfect label is one that not only enriches visual experience, but convincingly prompts customers to make a purchase. Thus, it’s an incredibly effective way of bringing a strong branded look to a product and captivating as many customers as possible.

Creativity is the key component of label designing that makes a lot of difference as to how the product is received by its recipients. Labeling is performed not only for branding and advertising, it is also used to personalize gifts, offerings, and favors. Personalization, therefore, is an important aspect that conveys genuine sentiments and emotions in any relationship.

Beverage labels are widely used these days as competition is intensifying in this booming industry. There are numerous designs seen in the beverage industry – some are unpredictable while others stay for years. Then there are trends that shift with time and evolve.

5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and WhyHere are some of the most dynamic beverage product label design trends:

1. Simple, bold, and multi-coloured

5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and WhyAs Leonardo Da Vinci puts it succinctly, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. It holds true to label designing as well because simplifying means eliminating the unnecessary so that necessary may speak. Using this design for branding purpose is all about focusing on the basics, which showcases the most important details that consumers look for in the product. The basic elements of a simplistic design are: product name, clear description of features, and a recognizable symbol.

However, as competition is fierce, the creative part has to be integral in order to differentiate the labels. Moreover, today’s fast-paced world doesn’t give people enough time to go through the last details. Making them bold and multi-coloured gives the labels their necessary appearance that grabs the eye-balls. Since colours are among the major causes of evoking emotions, so they can be a significant factor in making choices by consumers. Thus, a touch of creativity allows labels to speak volumes about their utility and significance.

5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and Why

A cool holographic effect used by GmbH & Co. KG

2. Holographic effects

Creating holographic effects on the label is a cool trend that has nailed it completely. This is the age of HD and 3D. Today VFX and CGI are pervasively used in movies, so why a similar effect can’t be spilled on a label? However, movies and labels are unmatchable, but a 3D holographic effect can pull it off.

So far, logos have always been the main focus for branding, but holography puts the whole beverage bottle on the spotlight, making the entire product look a unique package. The depth produces different layers of shine that provides an array of varying colours and elegance. As a result, a high value addition to any package.

Holographic effect is specifically appeasing when products are stacked-up on supermarket shelves and customers have only a few seconds to select one. Without any doubt, the 3D holographic finish is a visual treat to whoever watches the bottle.

3. Illustrations as portrayal

One unique way of designing labels is to use illustrations as narratives. Making people believe that there is a story behind every label design gives designers an extra edge. Through distinctive illustrations, it is easy for marketers to get people’s attention and then nudge them towards making a purchase.

5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and Why

Illustrative designs by Electric Bear Brewing Company

By the way, people seek out and adore those stories that they can relate to themselves. This style of designing is really amazing as it can take people into a fantasy world. Many illustrations are already providing a soothing effect on consumers’ eyes.

5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and Why

Illustrative designs by French illustrator Jean Jullien

This type of storytelling on beverage bottles has the power to put across a strong message, which makes it highly apt when there is a need for personalizing the labels. Personalization of labels can’t be done better than iCustomlabel that provides a great customer experience through illustrations. Therefore, carefully crafted illustrations are a powerful weapon in the arsenal of graphic designers.

5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and Why

Illustration for RaazBeerbriga brewery (source: goodillustration.com)

4. Vintage is the new modern

5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and Why

Vintage labels from Behance

Vintage designs haven’t lost their sheen. In fact, their radiance is still brimming because originality has its own magic. Nothing attracts viewers than unique, memorable, and original labeling. Vintage doesn’t mean obsolete and boring, rather it means keeping its timeless character intact.

5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and Why

Carlsberg unveiled vintage label campaign

Adidas, for example, has recently launched its apparels and sportswear under the name of “Adidas Originals”. This is the power of being vintage and authentic.

However, vintage design style is also evolving at the same time, of course without losing its flavour. As a matter of fact, there are many newer tech and materials coming in the market that can work wonders to project vintage like the new modern. In any case, vintage brings some great memories, especially to those who have lived through that era and give pleasant satisfaction to the younger generation as well.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability is not just a buzzword doing the rounds, but it’s a necessity in the present scenario. So bringing this concept into label designing is a commitment to having an eco-friendly approach. Many brands have started to realize that using sustainability in label designing will go a long way in adhering to their corporate social responsibility.

5 Beverage Product Label Design Trends Which Nailed It and Why

Eco-friendly, sustainable labels (source: ccllabel.com)

Being sustainable is a good way to engage with consumers on an emotional level, which encourages a high degree of brand engagement and customer loyalty. The best thing about sustainability is it has a positive impact on environment, while cutting costs for companies. That means, it’s a win-win model. Many of designers are trying to create bottles using recycled ocean plastic. It seems this trend is going to stay for a while.

Final Thoughts

Label designing is as much imparting a powerful message as it is creating an art. Trends only work when they are truly aligned with the labelling intent and process. With all the label design trends mentioned above, designers, consumers, and recipients come on the same page and feel the significance of their nuances.

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