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Drink Up: Beverages are the Next Frontier in Cannabis

Drink Up: Beverages are the Next Frontier in CannabisUpon mentioning the word cannabis, the first thing to cross the mind is smoking, vaping, or ingesting weed in the form of cookies and brownies. You can consume marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes. Things are now changing, and cannabis drinks businesses are growing fast. Recently, big companies have come up with the idea of manufacturing cannabis dinks. Some alcohol manufacturing companies are investing billions on this idea, and they are working hard to have a drinkable marijuana market.

Marijuana-infused beverages market

Big Alcohol Company wants the legalization of the drinkable marijuana market. It is one of the largest beers manufacturing companies around the globe, and they have expressed their intention of making drinkable marijuana products. Upon legalization of their terms, they will be producing alcohol-free weed beers, weed fruit punches, and weed seltzers, among others.

The biggest challenge in this market is no one wants cannabis beverages, and the company needs to put effort into public awareness. Currently, the total sale of marijuana-infused beverages makes up 2-3% of the total sales. However, the alcohol industry is optimistic, and they are investing a lot of money in this market.

Molson Coors, the CEO of Mark Hunter, is focusing on how they can increase the total cannabis sales to about 20- 30%, through increasing marijuana beverage demand by factor 10.

Big companies are investing billions of money in marijuana drinks. For instance, the CEO of Mark Hunter has ventured with a legal pot producer known as HEXO, which is located in Canada. InBev has put on an investment of $50 million in a similar joint venture in British Columbia. Heineken is already selling weed-infused sparkling water through online California Marijuana Dispensaries. Constellation brands are one of the most significant investments in the weed history, after using $4billion and forming 38% of the largest marijuana producer in Canada. One can create there own cannabis drink at home easily. One needs to buy premium marijuana seeds like one at high supplies and then mix them with whole milk to create there very own Cannabis milkshake.

Weed concentration

Pots drinks have a different level of THC. Most companies are breaking the budget buds into personalized experiences, and you can comfortably select the concentration of your choice.

Most pot drinks have a THC concentration of 100mg per bottle. Other pot drinks have a lower THC concentration of 25mg per bottle.  These pot drinks will give you a feeling of highness, which is not the same feeling of being drunk.

Does drinkable marijuana make you drunk?

Industries are investing in holding cannabis drinks expo, to discussing the importance of their beverage drinks and how to expand the market. For instance, the Beverage trade Network in San Francisco will be the first to host cannabis drinks expo. They will be discussing canna-beverages, which will be a $1.4 billion market by 2023.

Big beer companies are now offering pot drinks intending to boost their industry, which has been slowly declining for the past two decades. Wines and cocktail are now shipping into the beers market. Thanks to this innovation, as I can now buy my weed online in the form of a drink.

Drinkable marijuana does not have alcohol effects, and it will leave you feeling high, just like consuming weed through any other method.

Puration Announces New CBD BeverageManufacturing marijuana beverages

Cannabis Quencher is one of the oldest operating cannabis beverage brands, and it is still making excellent sales up to date. It produces a line of lemonades and juices in flavors like strawberry and hibiscus. Many people are manufacturing weed beverages illegally and releasing their products in the market.

Products categories

Beverages have become an accessible way of consuming CBD. Industries are now manufacturing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cannabis drinks. Some of the alcoholic CBD beverages are spirits, wine, and beer. Firms have also come up with non-alcoholic CBD drinks like coffee, kombucha, water, tea, juice and sports drinks.

Shaping the future of cannabis beverages

The cannabis product’s background is continuously evolving. The following key trends will influence the demand for CBD infused beverages:

  • Changing consumer preferences– changing consumer tastes will increase the demand for cannabis products around the globe.
  • Product innovation– cannabis beverages industries are focusing on improving transparency around the ingredients, sustainable packaging, manufacturing personalized strains, and coming up with convenient ready to drink products.
  • Influencers and big players– increasing brand endorsement will help in creating a CBD industry market. Putting the name of celebrities on CBD infused beverages will increase the demand and expand the market.

Weed delivers numerous benefits to the body, and its use is now legal in many countries. Most people take weed for fun, through vaping or smoking. Various companies have come up with marijuana beverages, which are currently selling in the market.

THC can be available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It is available in both high and low concentration, to cater for both starters and chronic users. People are embracing weed beverages, and they are considering it to be healthy compared to smoking. Weed infused beverages market is now expanding, and big companies are investing a huge amount in this industry.

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