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Bill’s Restaurant & Bar Collaborates With Trip CBD Drinks

Bill's Restaurant & Bar Collaborates With Trip CBD DrinksThis March will see Bill’s Restaurant and Bar as the first national group to offer a CBD section to their menu, featuring leading CBD brand TRIP.

The Mindful Drinking initiative was the brainchild of Dan Whiteside, the group’s Bar Development Manager who wanted to develop a range of delicious drinks that could have potential health benefits for guests as well as identifying the opportunity to create more inventive non-alcoholic options.

Bill’s are working with TRIP and the two flavors in the new Mindful Drinking Section of the menu are Elderflower and Mint TRIP Lightly sparkling elderflower & mint drink with 15mg full spectrum CBD, l-theanine, ginseng, lemon balm, chamomile & rooibos, Peach and Ginger TRIP Lightly sparkling peach & ginger drink with 15mg full spectrum CBD, l-theanine, chamomile, lemon balm, ginseng & turmeric.

Dan has worked with TRIP to develop a new non-alcoholic cocktail for the menu Deep Peach Pink grapefruit, lemon verbena & earl grey cordial, topped with peach & ginger TRIP.

Dan Whiteside says, “The CBD market is a growing market that Bill’s are proud to be involved with because more people are wanting drinks that can have health benefits and the big talking points at the moment are mental health, wellbeing, and health in general. We have created a range of CBD infused drinks which are not only delicious and non-alcoholic but have health benefits too.”

Olivia Ferdi (co-founder of TRIP) says “We are thrilled to be partnering with Bills on this exciting and truly innovative initiative. At TRIP we strongly believe in the power of this plant and the range of social occasions that can be further enhanced, enjoying its incredible functionality. Consumers are increasingly empowered to demand healthier options on the menu and we’re delighted to provide a quality-driven, delicious and convenient option for customers nationwide.”

TRIP helps you find your calm amidst the everyday chaos, so you can relax into your best self.

Source: TRIP

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