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Everything You Must Know When Choosing a Wine Cellar

Everything You Must Know When Choosing a Wine CellarAfter wine preparation, the next step is to store it. Remember, wine matures with age and for this, you need a storage location with favorable conditions. For example:

  • Maintain relative temperature
  • To avoid dried corks, maintain relative humidity in the cellar. This will also prevent oxygen from entering and spoiling the bottle.
  • Also, the cellar shouldn’t be too humid lest you end up with damp conditions which lead to Portobello growth on the cork.

Selecting Your Wine Cellar

Whether you intend on constructing your own wine cellar or have an expert do it for you, there are basic factors which you must consider.

In this cooling unit, your target temperature is 55°F, although it can go a bit higher. However, the temperature should remain constant without too much fluctuation, about 2° only. Humidity should be at 75%.

1. Size

Before you can begin any work on your wine cellar, identify the exact spot where you’ll fit the cooling unit. Nevertheless, you don’t want it fitting exactly in the chosen space. Instead, make sure you leave some “breathing” space.

Apart from allowing free air circulation, the extra space will allow for easy installation.

2. Noise

Remember, this is an electronic appliance, thus there’s bound to be some noise. This may not be an issue if you’ll have the wine cellar in the basement, but if you intend on having in it inside the house, then it’s important to go for a cooling unit with lower decibel ratings.

3. Power Consumption

No one wants a power guzzler in the house, especially when the bucks are hard to come by. For this reason, consider power-saving and efficient cooling unit. This you can do by checking the manufacturer’s power specifications.

4. Installation

The installation process is always the trickiest part. In some instances, you may need an expert in HVAC installation. This is because the cooling units tend to produce hot air and it’ll be crucial to vent this air outside.

Furthermore, keep in mind the noise levels both in the HVAC and the cooling unit. You don’t want a wine cellar close to your bedroom and having to jump out of your bed every time the fan goes on.

5. Price

Wine cooling units come at varying prices but this will depend on the size and the quality of the unit. For example, 1000 cubic feet unit will go for about $500 or less. Also, an oak wine cellar will cost more due to the quality of the wood used.

6. Warranty and Reliability

When purchasing any electrical appliance, you must consider its warranty. Wine cooling units are no exception. Most of these units come with a 3 to 5-year warranty on certain parts such as the condenser.

In addition, you also want to get some reviews on a specific cooling unit to get a better understanding about its reliability.

There you have it. Everything you must consider when choosing a wine cooling unit. With these tips, you’ll have an easy time choosing a cooling unit. Remember, the optimum temperature should be at 55°F while the humidity should be around 75%.

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