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How Will AI Revolutionize Marketing Communication in the Beverage Industry in 2018?

How Will AI Revolutionize Marketing Communication in the Beverage Industry in 2018?The Artificial Intelligence Technology has already taken over the world. And very soon it is going to take over all the industries and markets. It is at the cusp of becoming a norm that every business professional should be familiar with. In the beverage industry, the revolution is waiting to happen.

Dr. Bradicich, who works for a major F&B CPG company to integrate new technologies to the quality of production, believes that, “automation, edge computing, and artificial intelligence are game changers for the sector and are set to dramatically reduce human errors, hike quality, and increase sales.

Also, Ben Stiller, who heads digital transformation and analytics for Deloitte’s Consumer Products Business, believes that the brands in the food and beverage industry are, “are intrigued by the near-magical promise of AI.”

To make the most of your marketing strategies, you need to look out for the upcoming trends in the machine learning world.  Here are the ways in which Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize marketing communication in the beverage industry in 2018.

1. Image Recognition Software

Social media is a robust platform for you to get insights on your target audiences. Since you are a beverage company, the updates that your audiences make are most likely to be in the form of images. They generally post photos of them drinking your beverage.

And the marketing wing of your company will know how difficult it is to keep a track of those images. However, these images are crucial. They give you a lot of insights about your target audiences, and based on those insights you can make a lot of important marketing decisions that will grow your company.

To make the image tracking and analyzing achievable, AI is to the rescue! The AI-based Image Recognition software will automate the searching process, compare photos to vast image libraries, and streamline specific insight based on the images

The insight provided by the software can be highly advantageous for the marketers. They will be able to segment the information they have about their target markets in a better way. Also, they will have much more information that will enable them to provide a better customer experience.

2. Machine Driven Customer Communication

The communication between the brand and its users is of high importance for all brands. For the marketers in your company, it is a constant effort to streamline the flow that the company has with its target audiences. Recently, the machine learning technology rendered a few tools (chatbots and text to voice recognition) that helped the marketers smoothen the brand-to-audience communication in the online world. In the coming year, the customer communication is bound to take a giant leap forward. Microsoft is already planning to create a platform for multi-sensory communication, where the users can employ all their senses (that is, sight, sound, and touch) to communicate with the brand.

This can help your brand drastically. While selling your drinks, you can virtually create a holistic experience for the buyers to entice them. You might have been able to do that so far only with images. And not a lot of companies can afford to fund a sophisticated advertisements. With this technology, creating an enticing experience for beverage buyers will be present at your disposal. It will be totally upto you and your creativity, how you make the most of it!

3. Machine Driven Content

Very soon Robots will become an active part of your content creation process. To be precise, it is going to happen in 2018. We all know how difficult it is to create high quality content for the users. And, regardless of the industry you are in, content creation has become indispensable. For this reason, the machine driven content is going to be crucial too. Using this technology, you can research about the content, decide what type of content your target audiences like, what is the right time to share the content with them, and at what quantities. By providing these informations, it will reduce a lot of your work, and let you focus on other more important things — like spearheading a new marketing campaign for your beverage.  


The machine learning technology has permeated our everyday lives. It is around all of us. No wonder it is also going to play such an important part in the beverage industry. Any marketer who isn’t ready for the AI revolution is not going to stay in the game for long. It is already quickly gaining acceptance. Very soon, it will become the norm. So, you better be prepared!

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