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Sino-Pack 2018 – The Rising Food & Beverage Packaging Market

Sino-Pack 2018 - The Rising Food & Beverage Packaging MarketUnder the rapid growth of global F&B industry, the demand of F&B packaging keeps increasing. Together with the improved efficiency of automated packaging productivity, the latest F&B technology has become a hot issue among packaging industry. A survey from Smithers Pira stated that an annual value of production of the global packaging market will reach US$192.75 billion in 2026, in which F&B packaging will be the main driver of the market growth. Besides, the list of top 100 Packaging Consumers in the United States showed that F&B packaging will be the fastest-growing field in the packaging market from 2017 to 2026. The above static implies that, product differentiation, unique brand character, attractive appearance, as well as great functionality, will obviously lead to a big transformation in the F&B packaging market.

Under this market trend, “The 25th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials” (Sino-Pack 2018) and 2018 China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products Exhibition (PACKINNO 2018), which will be held at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China on 10-12 March, 2018. The total exhibition area is expected to exceed 48,000 s.q.m. with more than 680 leading exhibitors from 22 countries and regions, featuring a full showcase of packaging industry chain with worldwide latest equipment and technologies.

Four Theme Zones Showcasing the Latest F&B Packaging Technology at Sino-Pack 2018

Attractive packaging often catches the first sight from consumers as an attractive packaging delivers information, emotion, concept, character, which probably arouse the consumers’ desire to purchase.

With the development of the food industry and the awareness of health and green in market, consumers required more on F&B packaging besides attractive packaging including its portability, functionality and environmental safety. Under the market transformation, numerous of enterprises keep innovating new technologies, meanwhile starting to solve a series of problems faced in production, logistics and sales such as improving production mode, building smart and efficient automated production line, reducing transportation loss, saving storage cost, recycling, extending the food shelf life, using packaging to boost sales, reducing the food waste and costs, green and food safety.

Sino-Pack 2018 strives to accommodate the diversified needs from food industries. This year, four theme zones including Smart Packaging, Logistics Packaging, Food Packaging and General Packaging, will be covering the mainstream packaging industry chain to provide comprehensive solutions for enterprises. Numerous trend-setting items will be featured at Sino-Pack 2018 for the needs of food manufacturers, such as the primary packaging machinery for all kinds of F&B production and downstream packaging machines, expanding the product categories with the whole coverage of well-known brands.

Due to the rising labor costs, smart and automated packaging has become an important factor for enterprises to lower their production costs. Therefore, Sino-Pack 2018 will expand the scale of Smart Packaging Zone, featuring various automated packaging production lines to provide more ideas for manufacturers to transform their factories into automation. The Logistic Packaging Zone, another highlight of the show, will be displaying a series of smart logistics storage equipment and systems which can help improving efficiency, reducing waste and costs in logistics. In addition, “Innovative Packaging Raw Materials Zone” and “Logistics Packaging Materials Zone” at PACKINNO 2018 will further provide more packaging ideas in attractive appearance, innovation, green and safety aspects.

Showcase of Top Packaging Technologies by Leading Packaging Enterprises

Many leading enterprises have joined Sino-Pack 2018 and PACKINNO 2018, exhibiting the world-wide top packaging equipment and technologies. Some of renowned exhibitors including:

Polystar (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Booth: 1.1C49)

Polystar is Nippon Polystar’s sole proprietorship in Shanghai, developing advanced packaging technology under Japan’s strict management, providing after-sales service, as well as manufacturing all kinds of multi-functional packaging machineries.

Guangdong High Dream Intellectualized Machinery Co., Ltd (Booth: 1.1E61)

High Dream is a professional manufacturer of multihead weighers in China. Main products include multihead weighers, loss-in-weight feeder, metal detector, check weigher etc. In order to meet the diversified needs of customers, High Dream launched “High Speed 18-Head Weigher with Memory Hopper”, which contains three levels of buckets including feed bucket, weigh bucket and memory bucket. Their weighers can be applied to snacks, nuts, candies, beans, pet foods, dry solid material and non-sticky products etc.

Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth: 1.1A49)

Zhongya mainly manufactures filling / sealing equipment, blow molding equipment and smart downstream packaging equipment for all kinds of liquid products. The application of their equipment is mainly for smart packaging for solid food, medical products and electronic products, which is highly precise and efficient, easy to use and control, as well as flexible etc. In the packaging industry, DELTA robots can be widely used for high-speed sorting machine, cartoning machine, automatic tracking code materials of packing machine, and the rapid switching of product categories, as a result to improve productivity.

Dongguan Uni-pak Packing Co., Ltd. (Booth: 2.2B11)

Uni-pak is a professional manufacturer of flexible packaging bags, devoted to increase productivity and quality of service to meet the market need by research, design, manufacturing and selling. Since 2012, Uni-pak has become a qualified Disney supplier. Now the company scale has reached 10,000 s.q.m. and established a dust-free workshop and a complete system of quality control and tracing.

Not only attractive appearance, F&B packaging also emphasizes on the functionality of packaging. Moreover, manufacturers need to allocate their resources wisely by paying more attention to the efficiency and cost control of the entire production line in order to catch the market needs. Sino-Pack 2018 will be held concurrently with PACKINNO 2018 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China on 10-12 March, 2018. The total scale of the two exhibitions is expected to exceed 48,000 s.q.m. with more than 680 leading exhibitors from 22 countries and regions, showcasing worldwide latest equipment and technologies. It will be an excellent business platform for both worldwide visitors and exhibitors.

Pre-register for Visitors’ Privileges

Sino-Pack 2018 and PACKINNO 2018 are the not to be missed events for industry players. Visitors can now pre-register online at www.ChinaSinoPack.com or www.PACKINNO.com to enjoy privileges such as one free copy of show catalogue, priority to participate in symposia and free from on-site registration procedure.

For more show information, please visit: www.ChinaSinoPack.com or www.PACKINNO.com


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