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MeMento Owner’s Insights on The Lo & No Beverage Summit

MeMento Owner's Insights on The Lo & No Beverage SummitIn the coming years, the World Health Organization expects a drastic reduction in alcohol consumption. Furthermore, in 2019 it emerged that 57% of the world population aged over 15 had not consumed alcohol in the previous 12 months.

Globally, the market for alcohol-free products is growing exponentially, as evidenced by the results of analyzes conducted by various agencies: in particular among Millennials, abstinence from alcohol is an increasing trend.

The Lo & No Beverage Summit held in London on 15 and 16 October was a great opportunity to bring together different stakeholders like startups, innovative brands, service companies and large multinationals wishing to discuss future perspectives and good practices in this brand new sector.

The topics covered in the two days were many and different, while Laura Willoughby, from Club Soda UK, moderated the discussions pushing the speakers and involving the audience in the conversation.

Non-alcoholic beers have been the focus in the presentations of Paul Thomas, Global Head of Global Insight Asahi Europe, Rob Fink, Founder of Big Drop Brewing Co, Anne Stephens, Global VP, AB InBev together with the Round Table with a discussion” How are microbreweries accelerating the low & no”

Great attention was paid to the newborn category of non-alcoholic distillates with the presentations by Craig Hutchison of Ceder’s Drink, Ellie Webb for Caleno Drinks and Eugenio Muraro Founder and CEO of  MeMento. Muraro has focused his intervention on how is important to promote the quality of a non-alcoholic drink starting from its appearance which should intrigue the customer who first buys with his eyes especially products that he tries for the first time.

MeMento Owner's Insights on The Lo & No Beverage SummitOther relevant interventions on original products have been made by Stephen Dillon from Noki & Co, William Fugard from Gusto Organic and David Begg Founder of Real Kombucha, Kamila Sitwell from Kolibri.

The Market Access and how to connect with buyers was discussed with Tim Coles, Zoey Henderson, Head of the Redemption Bar, Tom Elliott and Fiona Davies managers in Sainsbury’s and Holland and Barrett. Consumer’s Data approach was spotlighted by Richard Maryniak, Black Swan Data and  Andy Crossan of Kantar World Panel UK.

Today 20% of people, who step in a bar, ask for a non-alcoholic drink, but they often get disappointed. This is the reason why MeMento was born, a mix of aromatic waters distilled with the scents of the Mediterranean Sea.

An innovative solution that can be used as a base for cocktails, thus allowing consumers, among whom a healthy culture is spreading more and more, to avoid alcoholic beverages, without renouncing the pleasure of drinking with friends. With MeMento, taste and well-being go hand in hand.

The product is, as a matter of fact, made with ingredients of organic origin, naturally without alcohol, vegan, sugar- and gluten-free. It is addressed to a Premium target and, unlike alcoholic beverages, it can also be consumed by minors, by athletes, by those who have to drive or by pregnant women. It can also be drunk by those who choose not to drink alcohol for health or religious reasons and, of course, by non-drinkers.

About Eugenio Muraro

Founder and CEO MeMento - He has over 15 years of work experience in Sales & Marketing, first in the mechanical sector and then in the renewable energy sector. It was a period, during which he has achieved a mixture of skills and a knowledge of the international scene through frequent business trips abroad. His passion for the world of cocktails led him in 2002 to successfully attend a professional bartending course. Later he participated in the 2015-2017 MBA Executive of the MIP Politecnico di Milano. The Master Degree program included the presentation of a business plan for the creation of a start-up company and his project was awarded in July 2017. This project is called MeMento. Now he also collaborates with Liuc-Università Carlo Cattaneo and Politecnico Milano with lessons about Innovation and Start-Up.

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