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Top 5 Beverage Industry Trends For 2017

Top 5 Beverage Industry Trends For 2017

Top 5 Beverage Industry Trends For 2017

The beverage industry is among one of the most dynamic industries in the world. New trends are constantly appearing and disappearing, and new products are being launched every day. Beverage manufacturers put in a lot of effort to convince their clients to buy their products as well as beat the rapid numbers of rising competitors.

2016 is coming to an end and predicted beverage industry tendencies almost perfectly met the projections. So, let’s make an assumption: What will 2017 will be all about?

Plant-based proteins infused in beverages

Natural plants with proteins can be called grain, almond, soya, or rice milk. Natural plant protein drinks are taking on the market. They were not too popular a few years ago, but today we can find them everywhere. Consumption of natural plants with proteins provides a better feeling, healthy digestive system maintenance, and increased energy. Of course, there may be some consumers who do not like this type of drink, but people who swapped animal milk for natural plants with proteins claimed that they definitely felt a difference in their wellness. This drink is a perfect substitution for milk.

Massive interest in natural plants with proteins in beverages began just recently. Reasons behind this vary, but it is very clear that this drink is found in consumers’ homes more often now. There is no doubt that this drink will shine in 2017!

Top 5 Beverage Industry Trends For 2017

Plant-Based Proteins Infused in Beverages

Adult drinks

The days when spices were used only for foods are in the past. Spicy drink manufacturers are creating non-alcoholic drinks full of strong flavors for adults, and this idea seems to be growing. Spicy drinks (or adult drinks) contain strong flavors like ginger or chili—spices that are not really enjoyable to a younger audience. This type of drink was created for the purpose of avoiding alcoholic drinks as well as sugary, boring drinks. What is the point of drinking Coca Cola if you can have a drink full of strong, interesting flavors like chili or ginger? This kind of drink is booming at the moment, and it is expected to grow even more in 2017.

“We’re not radicals. We just want to show people that choosing non-alcoholic doesn’t have to be boring. It can be the opposite, really. If you choose chili.” – Thomas Adner.

More and more people are trying to avoid alcohol and are finding substitutes for alcohol without having to choose boring soft drinks. One young brand that recently came onto the market is an amazing adult drink called ”Caliente.” The founder of Caliente, Thomas Adner, kept finding himself in situations where alcohol was not a solution.

Top 5 Beverage Industry Trends For 2017

Adult Drink Caliente

Soft drinks were too sweet and boring for him, so he decided to do something about that. Caliente drinks contain chili, which is similar to alcohol and activates the reward center in the brain by releasing endorphins and feelings of happiness. Spiciness gives a certain character to the drink, which also helps when trying to reduce sugary content. Caliente is an organic and all-natural drink to be enjoyed slowly, and it is best served chilled.


Sparkling water

Consumers have started to give up on sodas; this is a great opportunity for sparkling water to rise! People have started to choose healthier drinks with less chemical ingredients, sugar, and caffeine. Sparkling water still provides the fizziness that consumers want, but in a healthier way. In the past five years, sparkling water sales doubled; it is assumed that in 2017, sales of sparkling water will grow even more. Sparkling water has become one of the fastest-growing beverage selections.

“And that’s it. Honestly. If that makes us Ugly, then so be it.” – Ugly Drinks.


Top 5 Beverage Industry Trends For 2017

Ugly Drinks

Ugly drink is a 100% organic, natural sparkling water infused with oils and essences of different fruits. It is made without sugar and sweeteners and contains nothing artificial. It is also safe for people with different allergies! Thus, it is a healthy, natural sparkling water with a soft touch of a delicious flavor.


Cold brew coffee

It is typical for coffee to be made with hot water—but what about pressed coffee made using only cold water? Cold brew has a different taste than regular coffee. The taste is sweet, smooth, and less bitter. The most important features are taste, aroma, and the capacity to stimulate stomach acid production. Cold brew coffee is facing a huge interest in the market. More people are discovering cold brew coffee every day, and it is predicted that in 2017, this kind of coffee will grow even more than it did in 2016. It is one of the fastest growing caffeinated beverages; cold brew coffee sales grew 580 percent from 2011–2016.

Top 5 Beverage Industry Trends For 2017

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

One of the most popular cold brew coffees is Chameleon. Chameleon Cold Brew coffee utilizes authentic sourcing and brewing methods. Each drink uses 100% organic, Fair Trade Arabica coffee and Texas Hill County limestone water. Chameleon Cold Brew carefully controls temperatures for more than 16 hours, and then slowly air roasts small batches onsite, which only 1% of roasters do in the United States. At the moment, Chameleon offers five different concentrates and six ready-to-drink flavors.

“For us, the path to the best cup of coffee involves A CONSCIOUS APPROACH to bean sourcing, inventive roasting, and meticulous brewing. When all three of these practices are done right and consistently, you end up with magic in a cup.” – Founders of Chameleon Cold Brew coffee.

Cold brew tea

Cold brew tea consists of dry tea leaves left in contact with cold water for 12 hours. The tea leaves infuse the water with flavor, color, and active substances, such as antioxidants and caffeine. Cold brewing is a simpler alternative to regular hot tea. The current trend is high-quality artisan loose-leaf teas. Cold brew tea contains lower levels of caffeine than traditional hot tea as well as more antioxidants. Cold brew tea, the same as cold brew coffee, is becoming an extremely popular drink, and we assume that it will be one of the major beverage industry trends in 2017.

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