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What Will Be 2019 Trends For Beverages?

What Will Be 2019 Trends For Beverages?Trends in various industries change each year. Some for the worse, some for the better. However, the beverage industry has been steadily moving towards some general goals. Some of those goals include healthier beverage options, more interesting tastes and better eco-friendly methods. Will anything change in 2019? What will be trendy on social media?

Personalized functions

More and more consumers are drawn to drinks that have more than just one function. They want drinks that are healthy and that bring them some kind of a personal health benefit. People want drinks that contain superfood ingredients like ginger, turmeric, activated charcoal, manuka honey, aloe vera and a whole host of vitamins. Just a regular soda isn’t enough anymore. For example, if you have trouble sleeping, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a drink with an ingredient that fights sleep issues.

For example, &Me drinks produces specialized drinks for women for different purposes like PMS, beautiful skin or more energy.

Healthy and plant-based

Again, sodas just don’t cut it anymore. People want more and that more is inevitably something healthy, based on good plants. Something that you can drink without feeling guilty about it. This is the perfect chance for brands creating drinks full of healthy ingredients. People will look for something that they can consume on the go and that will not cause them any discomfort while providing the ultimate health benefits.

For instance, Bear Squeeze produces a drink of the same name that contains numerous healthy ingredients like coconut, pumpkin seeds and it’s basically a meal in a drink.

Inspired by global cultures

Regular fruit and vegetables are just not enough anymore. What will be in trend in 2019 are global tastes that have many health benefits – turmeric, ginger, cumin and many more, yet undiscovered by Western culture ingredients. This is a great thing because it will allow more people to get to know the global cultures and understand the benefits of these ingredients.

Boba Guys is a company that blended the Chinese boba milk tea with modern flavors and showed many people a great thing from their culture.

Sustainable companies

Companies will put more and more focus on using sustainable methods to create beverages and their packaging’s. They are striving to use better materials, healthier methods and to do all of this with the support for the environment. This is a serious trend that’s much more than that, especially  with global warming being one of the main concerns right now.

Bfresh Spitiko, a healthy drink producer, believes in the sustainable ways and they use 100% recyclable glass bottles.

Local supply

If fruit and vegetables have to travel long from other regions or countries to get to us, these reduce in nutritional value – not to mention that chemicals are used to preserve them and keep them in top shape. Consumers also like to see where their food is coming from, so there is a growing trend of supply that comes from local farms and areas which are nearby. This can also refer to gardens which are grown within the restaurants. This trend might not be suitable for everyone since it requires a lot of space and nurture for all of the herbs, fruit and vegetables, but for some people it’s a real hit. If you can manage to have this kind of local supply, you should definitely do it.

The same company mentioned in the previous point, bfresh spitiko, uses their own fruit, locally grown to create amazing healthy drinks.

Revolution of plastic

More and more plastic is found on the oceans and this is a huge problem for our environment so brands are putting more and more focus on packaging drinks in materials other than plastic. Many brands have already done a lot when it comes to packaging and more are to follow the trend in the future. Every brand is doing tests and trying to figure out how they can make something that’s viable in the business sense but also great for the environment and comfortable and appealing to consumers.

&Me, for instance, uses the kind of packaging that you could use several times, not just once – sturdy, elegant bottles that everyone would like to keep. Bfresh Spitiko uses 100%  recyclable glass bottles.

Naturally low in sugar

Beverage companies are focusing on producing drinks that are naturally low in sugar and that can work well for people with diabetes. Numerous companies have started removing the sugar from their drinks completely – Hapi Drinks makes drinks for children with zero sugar.


Organic ingredients – meaning, no GMO components, no pesticides or anything similar – is a big deal right now and beverage companies are working on including exclusively organic fruit and vegetables. This is great because organic often equals healthier too. Remedy Organics produces great drinks with organic, fresh and healthy ingredients.

No dairy

Milk is also becoming obsolete on the market as it’s being replaced by plant-based milks like almond or coconut milks. YoFiit, for example, produces milk drinks that are completely dairy free.

Things are definitely changing for the better in the beverage industry. In the upcoming year we’ll see less plastic and more materials that are easy to recycle, less sugar in drinks, less dairy and so on. There will also be more organic ingredients as well as some global tastes that people will be able to enjoy. Have fun with these nine 2019 trends for beverage companies.

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