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Award-winning Kimo Sabe Mezcal Poised To Lead The US Market

Award-winning Kimo Sabe Mezcal Poised To Lead The US MarketThe mezcal revolution leader has been crowned. Kimo Sabe Mezcal with its revolutionary new mezcal was a triple gold medal winner and named “Best of Class International Specialty Spirit” by the American Distilling Institute (ADI) Spirits competition.

This marks the first time ever a mezcal has taken the category’s top honors. Kimo Sabe Joven was picked by 28 industry heavyweights from 645 entrants, as the Best of Class beating out all tequilas, mezcals and piscos.

Since rolling out nationally over the last year in California, Nevada, Arizona and New Jersey, Kimo Sabe has redefined the mezcal experience to become the drink of choice among millennials and social imbibers. This is helping mezcal impact the spirits industry in a way that hasn’t been seen since Buffalo Trace invigorated the resurgence of bourbon. Through education, approachability and creative mixology, mezcal has emerged as the fastest-growing spirits category and the second most trending alcohol on social media, offering consumers a superior alternative to tequila.

“With a reverence for tradition and focus on innovation and flavor, we formulated an extraordinary new spirit that combines the rich heritage of mezcal re-engineered with modern techniques,” said Ashley Walsh Kvamme, co-founder of Kimo Sabe.

“The taste is clean, smooth and extremely well-balanced with subtle multi-dimensional smoke notes; delivering a delicious beverage unmatched for its flavor and healthy appeal.”

Award-winning Kimo Sabe Mezcal Poised To Lead The US MarketMezcal is the ceremonial Mexican spirit that captures the flavors of dozens of types of agave versus only one type of agave used in the production of tequila. Although the two are often confused, mezcal offers more flavor and complexity.

The Kimo Sabe’s new mezcals are a proprietary blend resulting from the best traditional and contemporary production techniques, including innovative ultrasound technology and a rare copper third distillation that consistently achieves a perfectly balanced, refined flavor unlike conventional mezcal’s rustic taste. This progressive approach has yielded Kimo Sabe the leader shaping the mezcal movement and a transformative product that is sexy, fun and intriguing. Consumers no longer have to settle for tequila!

Kimo Sabe’s bold rollout strategy with a bullseye on top tequila markets is proving successful; experiencing near double digit gains of tequila’s market share in California, Nevada, New Jersey and Arizona. Joining the current four states, immediate expansion includes Texas, Illinois, Colorado and Connecticut. The company has an aggressive mission: to rule the top 17 markets in 2017.

Source: kimosabemezcal.com

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