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Broccoli In A Cup of Coffee

Broccoli In A Cup of CoffeeOn the heels of recent news that coffee with broccoli added was being researched and introduced in Australia, Brassica Protection Products LLC wants you to know that we have a great tasting line of Coffees with TrueBroc, containing antioxidants from broccoli.

“We were encouraged by the market interest of broccoli in coffee.  We have worked closely with researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine here in Baltimore to bring the amazing health benefits of broccoli, without the taste, to consumers in our coffee and teas,” said Tony Talalay, CEO, Brassica Protections Products LLC.

TrueBroc® broccoli extract is made from broccoli especially grown for us in the US and is completely natural and standardized to deliver high and consistent levels of glucoraphanin, the long-lasting antioxidant from broccoli.

Source: Brassica Protection Products LLC

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