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GAZE Unveiled An Innovative New Wine Beverage

GAZE Unveiled An Innovative New Wine BeverageWine producer Vintage Wine Estates unveiled an innovative new wine beverage to an enthusiastic crowd of wine lovers at the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen, America’s premier wine and food event.

GAZE Wine Cocktails blends quality California wine with natural ingredients popular with wellness-minded consumers. The two new varieties include Coconut Water-Chardonnay-Moscato and Blueberry-Pomegranate Moscato. Both are lower-calorie and lightly effervescent. The package is a sleek, portable, recyclable aluminum bottle with twist-off closure and bright, silkscreened graphics.

“We noticed many consumers who enjoy wine also practice a lifestyle that includes fitness, yoga, meditation, outdoor activities, self-care and other positive pursuits,” commented Terry Wheatley, President Vintage Wine Estates. “We wanted to appeal to them by combining wine with some of their favorite ingredients in a modern, fun, easy-to-enjoy wine cocktail.”

Coconut water, blueberries and pomegranates are popular dietary choices for many. Blending these ingredients with a light and refreshing wine creates a completely new beverage to enjoy well-chilled poolside, at the beach, after yoga, spa treatment, post workout, hike, bike ride or social gatherings.

The dual-mantras of GAZE Wine Cocktails are Stop and Gaze and Drink in the Moment, reminders that we all need respite, relaxation and a moment for mindfulness. GAZE Wine Cocktails are a delicious new option for that mood and a desire to refresh mind and body.

Source: GAZE

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