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Milan As The Global Hub Of Agro Revoliution

Milan As The Global Hub Of Agro RevoliutionSome technologies have already left their mark like QR codes that have made packaging “smart”, or georeferenced apps that monitor cultivations by using GPS. Other solutions will amaze us in a few years, like an app that will allow us to optimize resources based on weather conditions. Technologies are revolutionizing agriculture and TUTTOFOOD with Seeds&Chips are at the forefront of change with their not-to-be-missed events that constantly focus on innovation.

In line with this philosophy, TUTTOFOOD 2017 will join forces with Seeds&Chips, the global Food Innovation Summit, at Fiera Milano Rho, Milan from Monday 8 to Thursday, 11 May 2017. The Summit has become an international reference point for the Food&AgTech industry; and for the first time TUTTOFOOD will be hosted within the event. Created and organized by Marco Gualtieri, Seeds&Chips brings together hundreds of startups, companies, universities, institutions, investors, accelerators and incubators, opinion leaders and policy makers.

“Fiera Milano carries the torch of EXPO’s legacy and has become the protagonist of the 4.0 agro-industrial revolution,” stated Roberto Rettani, President of Fiera Milano SpA.

“Our partnership with Seeds&Chips combines TUTTOFOOD’s multi-sector offer with hi-tech, adding to the numerous institutional partnerships that generate specialized skills. In the last year, over 50 thousand under 40 year-olds have moved to Milan, many of whom are students and knowledge professionals.


“The city is increasingly becoming a hub for innovation, including innovation in food; and this alliance represents a significant step in confirming this role”.

“Expo2015 focused the spotlight on Milan and on Italy; today we have the responsibility to carry forward this important legacy. Issues and solutions to address the great challenges linked to food, nutrition and sustainability, in particular those areas related to the growth in global population and food security issues”, commented Marco Gualtieri, founder and Chairman of Seeds&Chips.

“Our collaboration with well-established authorities like TUTTOFOOD and Fiera Milano is proof that only through synergistic actions and by investing in the food and food innovation sector, it is possible to trigger a virtuous effect in many areas, with significant benefits for Milan and for Italy”.

In addition to expanding the exhibition space of TUTTOFOOD 2017 with two pavilions (8/12) where important companies and institutional realities will present their technological proposals, Seeds&Chips has also scheduled dozens of conferences featuring leading speakers and sector experts.  Among the main events, the special conference “Feeding the Cities – Urban and Vertical farming” dedicated to sustainable farming in big cities, with the participation of the mayors of major world capitals. Keynote speaker Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, will open the event.

Distinguished international guests include Sam Kass, Chief Adviser to former US President Barack Obama and promoter of White House’s health-conscious revolution, and Kerry Kennedy, President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, committed activist and fervent supporter of human rights and of safe and affordable food.

In-depth sessions will range from hi-tech hot topics, such as big data, applications of 3D printing in food or technologies in the restaurants and supermarkets of the future, to marketing and trading scenarios, such as the growth of sharing economy, the impact of millennials on innovation in superfood. With the aim of enhancing the opportunities of e-commerce and the agreement with Netcomm, the Consorzio del Commercio Elettronico (Consortium of Electronic Commerce) will promote the eCommerce Food Lab in collaboration with Digital Events; this a 1,000 square meter hub is dedicated to encouraging networking among B2B operators and will host workshops and conferences. The key points of the tightly packed schedule of events are technological innovation and social eating at the service of business.

Thanks to a combined ticket that can be purchased on the online platforms of both events, the audience of TUTTOFOOD 2017 will extend to operators specialized in Food&AgTech, whereas Seeds & Chips will benefit from the influx of professional visitors from 110 Countries, including decision makers, retail & GDO representatives and above all qualified buyers, in particular more than 2,200 hosted buyers from the most dynamic markets, including the United States, Europe (Germany, France and Spain), Central America (Mexico) and South America (Brazil).

Source: Seeds & Chips

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