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Seeds & Chips 63DE-SIGN launch “Nextfood Award by Image Line”

Seeds & Chips 63DE-SIGN launch "Nextfood Award by Image Line"SEEDS & CHIPS and 63DE-SIGN launch the first edition of the international contest of Food Innovation NEXTFOOD AWARD BY IMAGE LINE, which will be held in the same period of “Seeds & Chips -The Global Food Innovation Summit” (Milan, Rho Fiera, 8 to 11 May 2017) international benchmark for the Food & AGTECH involving hundreds of startups, companies, universities, institutions, investors, accelerators and incubators, opinion leaders and policy makers.

The Food Innovation – innovation throughout the food chain, from farm to fork – is played today one of the biggest challenges for the future: the contest is therefore seeking the best products, with innovation and sustainability features, to reward the creativity of a start-up that believes in the strength, values ​​and quality of their work.

This first edition of NEXTFOOD AWARD BY IMAGE LINE, is dedicated to all the start-ups that are pertinent with the theme of the summit with at least a own-brand product. The sustainability must involve all phases of the life cycle of the product, including also all different aspects of the packaging, considering the packing functional requirements of the the specific product.

To the Start-up owner of the winning product will be offered:

1) graphic design of the packaging layout edited by 63DE-SIGN (strategic positioning of product, graphic design of the layout of packaging, advice on materials for industrialization, executive press);

2) advice on the choice of the packaging by the Department of Architecture and Design at the Politecnico di Torino (of materials innovation, cost effectiveness, low environmental impact);

3) opportunities to enter into an internship thesis majoring in industrial designer, for the realization of the packaging CAD;

4) marketing advice to convert all shares of adv / marketing / social achievements into real customers.

Participation in NEXTFOOD AWARD BY IMAGE LINE is free.

the products that are included in one or more of the following categories are eligible:

Seeds & Chips1) Innovation in the field for sustainable production

2) Reducing environmental impact

3) Food Products intended for consumption

4) Products-communication / interaction between Producer and Consumer

Nominations may be submitted by April 6, 2017 to April 26, 2017.

Rules and Application Form can be downloaded from the site of the Contest NEXTFOOD AWARD BY IMAGE LINE www.nextfoodaward.com

An entrepreneur, aware of the quantity of energy needed to turn a good product idea in a advantageous company, aim is to enhance constantly – with all the necessary professional skills – through the commitment of startups who believe in the strength, values ​​and quality of their actions. The start-up are attentive antennas to the new needs of the evolution of both cultural and anthropological. And they need help to achieve their aims. Said Cristina Vannini Parenti, owner of Milan studio 63DE-SIGN.


“Seeds&Chips was born to facilitate the creation of an international ecosystem of start-ups in the field of Food Innovation and a matching with the world of research and business” Marco Gualtieri, founder of Seeds&Chips said. “Food of the future, food supply and climate change are among the major global challenges and one of the main areas to make true innovation: therefore we’re excited to give this opportunity to the many deserving start ups and young entrepreneurs”.

The award sponsored by Image Line, Italian Hi-Tech company specializing in digital solutions for agriculture.

“Technological innovation is becoming a major driver of change in the food industry and its players,” said Ivano Valmori, CEO and founder of Image Line. “I am convinced that if we recognize its value agri-food sector will gain great advantages in terms of competitiveness and sustainability. According to this idea we decided to support the realization of the “NEXTFOOD AWARD by Image Line”, rest assured that integrating expertise, humility work, confidence in each other’s skills are the key to the sector’s development and the protection of people and the Planet’s resources”.

The Observatory Ecopak (OEP) – created in 2005 at the Politecnico di Torino, Department of Architecture and Design – is partner of NEXTFOOD AWARD, in line with the target of the informational project Nudi o Vestiti?. The project investigates packaging as a communicative and functional product through the key word: environmental sustainability. Nudi o Vestiti? spread the culture and critical understanding of packaging design, by organizing exhibitions and events and managing dedicated digital channels.

Source: Seeds & Chips

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