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RIPE Craft Juices Continues Nationwide Expansion

RIPE Craft Juices Continues Nationwide ExpansionA Fresh Juice Revolution is sweeping across the country as RIPE® Craft Juice™ and RIPE® Bar Juice® are bringing their ridiculously fresh juices and cocktail mixes to leading grocery chains across the country.

RIPE Craft Juices and Bar Juices were created to redefine consumer expectations of real fresh juice. The process is simple – start with the best fruits and vegetables, use the absolute minimum in processing, and offer a juice that surpasses all others in freshness, taste, and nutrition.

“Consumers today are increasingly focused on the provenance of their produce, and the grocery stores where they shop are responding with the brands they stock,” said Keith Benoit, Chief Sales Officer, FreshBev.

“We’re thrilled that so many of the country’s leading grocery chains have joined the RIPE movement.”

These new stores join an existing retail network which includes Whole Foods in New England and New York, (Bar and Craft Juice); Whole Foods in Colorado and South West (Bar Juice); H.E.B. in Texas (Craft Juices); Raley’s in Northern California (Bar and Craft Juice). In addition, the Bar and Craft Juices are also available on Amazon.com.

At the RIPE Craft Juicery™ in New Haven, Connecticut, every step in the making of fresh juices is managed to ensure the time from grower to refrigerator is mere days as opposed to weeks, which is more often the case. All juice extraction is done under one roof and never above 40°. Within minutes of being extracted, the liquid is bottled and submitted to high-pressure technology — making them safe and helping preserve of the color, flavor, aroma, and nutrition.

RIPE Bar and Craft Juices are available in 12.2-ounce bottles, and 46-ounce multi-serve pouches. RIPE Bar Juices are available in 750ml bottles.

Source: RIPE

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