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WeHo Bev Co. Develops CBD-infused Chaser Drink

WeHo Bev Co. Develops CBD-infused Chaser DrinkWeHo Bev Co., a Los Angeles based, wellness-centered beverage startup, announces the launch of its first brand ‘Chaser,’ a distinctive, zero-calorie, sugar-free, cocktail mixer and chaser, infused with electrolytes and Hemp CBD. As the only product of its kind on the market, Chaser effectively masks the aftertaste of alcohol, to provide drinkers with a healthier, smoother drinking experience.

Coined “the pregame messiah,” Chaser launches today with two products and one simple goal: to make taking a shot easier. The Sweet Tangy Lime Chaser and Cocktail Mixer, and the CBD Drip Bottle were created for consumers to “chase” their shots with, or use as a drink mixer to conceal the taste of alcohol, take away the all too familiar burn of the shot going down, and most importantly, prevent hangovers.

The beverages are formulated with natural, locally sourced ingredients and Hemp CBD to provide consumers with healthier alternatives to sugary drinks and cocktail mixers typically paired with liquor. The medicinal properties of Hemp CBD are known for their healing elements, infusing the drink with all-natural, plant-based botanicals that not only taste good, but are good for you. The drinks are also 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, Keto, and Paleo friendly, and are bottled locally in Los Angeles using recyclable glass as part of the company’s commitment to sustainability.

In continuation of the brand’s ethos of innovation, ex-Snapchat employee Jonathan Hekmat, Founder and CEO of WeHo Bev Co., sought to create a product that appeals to the socially-conscious, wellness-minded Millennial and Gen Z generations alike. “I began to analyze today’s drinking culture and looked at how Millennials consume experiences while Gen Z is radically independent, unique and curious. Chaser enhances the lifestyle of our consumers by cultivating a new type of drinking culture; one defined by creating experiences and different ways of consuming alcohol while incorporating the new-age interest in health and wellness,” explains Hekmat.

Chaser offers a differentiated, high-quality way for consumers to engage with alcohol. “By analyzing how things are conventionally done, and seeking to improve an industry through ways contrary to these methods, I set out to create a product that disrupts today’s drinking norms. I wanted to deliver a wholesome drinking experience for the health-conscious consumer, which also removes the cringe face factor from drinking alcohol,” says Hekmat. Chaser is available online and in stores beginning today, with plans to expand into natural grocery stores in 2020.

Source: WeHo Bev Co.

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