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New Plant To Double Pure Circle’s Stevia Production

New Plant To Double Pure Circle's Stevia ProductionTo prepare for the continued demand for stevia ingredients, PureCircle announced today that it is building a new processing plant that will double the company’s capacity to produce its proprietary stevia leaf extract and have a line specifically designed and built for the Zeta Family ingredients. The Zeta ingredients are comprised of steviol glycosides, such as Reb M, with the most sugar-like taste and allow for the deepest calorie reductions.

Once complete, the plant is expected to increase PureCircle’s stevia leaf extract output by 50 percent and has the potential to double the company’s stevia production capacity moving forward.

“We are extremely excited about bringing this new plant online because the demand for stevia has increased dramatically over the last six years,” said PureCircle’s Chief Commercial Officer Jason Hecker.

“More specifically, the demand for PureCircle’s Zeta ingredients has grown exponentially. This plant will allow us to support the stevia industry in a way that is unmatched by other suppliers. The output ensures that our customers will have a steady supply of sustainable stevia and will be able to formulate their products with the best tasting stevia in the marketplace.”

The new plant will help to support PureCircle’s fully integrated supply chain and agricultural plans throughout the world, which were announced in July. These plans include an additional investment of $100 million in the PureCircle Agronomy Program resulting in a 10,000 hectare pipeline that will provide customers with year-round access to the highest quality stevia leaf extract.

“We are really proud of our supply chain and how we’ve been able to maintain it in a way that benefits farmers, our customers and the environment,” said Bob Compier, PureCircle’s Vice President of Group Operations. “This new state-of-the-art facility really helps to bring our agronomy program and supply chain plans full circle. We can create the largest, natural supply of stevia leaf extract through our efforts with farmers and have the production plans in place to bring that supply to our customers in a timely manner to further their success.”

The expansion of processing capabilities is expected to cost $42 million and is anticipated to come online in early 2017. It is located in Malaysia along with PureCircle’s Corporate Offices.

Source: PureCircle

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