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Maison Monteru Releases A Line Of Rare Cask French Brandies

Maison Monteru Releases A Line Of Rare Cask French Brandies In partnership with its U.S. Importer, M.S. Walker, Maison Monteru has announced the launch of three new Limited Release Rare Cask Brandies.

Monteru has had roots in Cognac, France since the late 1700’s and the name has been synonymous with premium quality and innovation in the region.

Monteru brandies are hand-crafted with care and employ traditional methods of double-distillation in Charentais copper pot stills. Master Distiller, Pierre Naud skillfully oversees this process manually to ensure that each style of brandy has the desired flavor characteristics.

The Maison is releasing a Sauternes Cask finish at 81.6 proof, a Sherry Cask finish at 83.4 proof and a Triple-Toast Cask finish at 85.4 proof. Each bottle is individually filled and numbered.

This release will soon be followed by a series of Single Varietal Grape Brandies

Maison Monteru’s total US release is 1,926 bottles of Sauternes Cask, 1,998 bottles of Sherry Cask, and 1,572 bottles of Triple Toast Cask.

SRP: Maison Monteru Rare Cask French Brandy Line – $57.99

Source: M.S. Walker

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