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Bax Botanics – A New Player in The Alcohol-Free Spirits Market

Bax Botanics - A New Player in The Alcohol-Free Spirits MarketFrom Sea Buckthorn to Lemon Verbena, Fennel and Hyssop, the launch of Bax Botanics Alcohol-free Spirits in January will bring a breath of fresh air to the drinks market. With no alcohol and no sugar you might think that there is no taste, but in fact, that is far from reality, added to tonic the drink comes alive, filling your mouth with layers of lingering botanical flavours.

“We have spent our lives working towards this, even if we didn’t realise that’s where we were heading,” said Chris. “My background as a chef and Rose’s artistic eye have combined to create the amazing range of edible flora that we have in these woods. We have been teaching here for years, and this is where we designed the recipes for Bax Botanics alcohol free spirits.”


“The knowledge of unusual and foraged ingredients that we have accumulated whilst researching and creating new recipes has all been poured into this range. These flavours, many of which have fallen out of mainstream fashion in cuisine, bring a variety of unique taste experiences to the drinks industry, they are forgotten treasures, which when combined with our bang-up-to-date expertise bring real originality to alcohol-free drinks.”

There are two different distillations available: Verbena, the fresh, stimulating, bright one and Sea Buckthorn which feels more relaxing and decadent.

“If you’re someone who loves a decadent or richly flavoured drink and alcohol is your thing, you’ll be spoiled for choice. But when I was looking for an alcoholic-free drink with all of the same flavour but none of the alcohol, I just couldn’t find one. That’s why we created Bax Botanics; it’s just as decadent but you can drink and stay sharp, too,” said Rose.

Bax Botanics - A New Player in The Alcohol-Free Spirits MarketBax Botanics is the culmination of years of experimentation and discovery begun in their home and at their woodland kitchen. Friends and family were the initial guinea pigs and to Chris and Rose’s delight their creations were loved right from the start.

“I remember the first time Rose gave me a glass of Bax Botanics to try” said musician and friend Scott Hutchinson. “I took a sip and told her it was delicious, but too strong for me to drive home on. When they laughed and told me it was alcohol-free I was astonished: I’ve never experienced that depth of flavour without an alcohol base. It’s amazing!”

After a particular Sunday lunch at the woods, eating campfire tapas and sampling the new drinks, the potential of taking the product out in to the world became apparent. A good friend, round the table, had faith in their palates and skills and jumped at the chance to financially back the project and bring the drinks to market. With that they set to work building a small distillery.

“It’s been a long voyage of discovery and hard work,” says Rose, “we didn’t know how it would go scaling up from a small alembic in the kitchen to a big 240-litre still, but we’ve been really pleased with the way it’s all worked out and now we’re thrilled and proud to be releasing our first products to the growing Alcohol free drinks market .”

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