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Life Health Chain Launches Caliente

Life Health Chain Launches CalienteThe unique Swedish drink with added capsaicin, extracted chili heat, is from now on available at a majority of Swedish Life stores. With 354 outlets in total (200 in Sweden), Life Europe is the leading health care chain in the Nordic countries.

– Caliente is perfect to drink chilled, on its own or as companion to any meal. The Caliente drinks are all natural, organic and low in sugar, and a great fit for Life´s product portfolio, says Andreas Fällman, Category Manager at Life.

The drink start-up is aspiring to offer the primary choice for grown-ups who’re after a fun non-alcoholic drink for social occasions. The capsaicin ads character and replaces the strong taste of alcohol. But it also imitates the feeling you get from alcohol to some extent, through stimulus of the award center in the brain. Which in turn kick-starts the endorphins.

From a health aspect, capsaicin is great too. The biggest survey ever made on the topic and published in British Medical Journal in 2015, showed that chili lovers live longer and are healthier.

Thomas Adner, the founder of Caliente, is thrilled!

– People know that chili is healthy. But it’s less known that chili heat, just like alcohol and sugar, helps to bring out other flavors. In our case it means Caliente has much character and taste, even though it’s 100% natural and only containing a small amount of raw cane sugar. Being spotted by Life as a primary non-alcoholic choice is really huge for us!

The three Caliente flavors chosen by Life are Ginger Lime Chili (chili heat level 4/5), Blueberry Lemongrass Chili (chili heat level 3/5), and Plum Rosemary Chili (chili heat level 3/5).

We want to make it easier to choose non-alcoholic.

And realized that the same stuff that makes chilies hot – capsaicin – doesn’t just have the same lingering taste as alcohol. It also floods your brain with endorphins, for a natural high. Carefully crafted in Sweden from organic ingredients, Caliente is the ultimate choice when you’re after a complex and not too sweet drink that’s low on sugar.

Since the launch 2015, Caliente has won some amazing awards and got fantastic reviews!

Source: Caliente

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