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Biotta Adds Two New Juices to Line of Functional Organic Juices

Biotta Adds Two New Juices to Line of Functional Organic JuicesBiotta, the Swiss pioneer in high-quality, all natural juices, today announced the addition of two new juices to its line of functional juices – Golden Beet Juice Blend and Heirloom Purple Carrot Juice. Both new items provide innovative and unique versions of classic juices, and like all Biotta juices are certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Building on its success as a beet juice pioneer, Biotta Organic Golden Beet Juice Blend provides the multiple health benefits of red beet juice with a milder taste, bringing together golden beet juice with apple juice, orange juice, lemon juice, turmeric and black pepper. In addition to the many health benefits of beet, the turmeric provides anti-inflammatory properties and helps digestion, along with the black pepper needed to improve absorption of turmeric.

Organic Heirloom Purple Carrot Juice offers a new twist on Biotta’s original juice – Carrot, which was the first variety made at the company’s launch in 1957. While today most people associate carrots with orange, they started out purple, not becoming orange until the Dutch developed a new strain of carrot in the 17th century in honor of William of Orange. Heirloom Purple Carrot Juice brings back the distinctive color and taste of the original carrots, along with all of the health benefits carrots are known for and even higher amounts of anthocyanins, which support the immune system and provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Source: Biotta Juices

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