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Caliente Is Now Shipping Small Batches To All Of Europe

Caliente Is Now Shipping Small Batches To All Of Europe

Source: Caliente

Three out of four millennial drinkers say they limit how much they drink most of the time they go out and 38% say they moderate their alcohol intake every single time*. Caliente caters to those.

The sophisticated still drink’s range is bottled in Sweden from organic & all natural ingredients. But what makes Caliente a unique non-alcoholic option is the addition of distilled Capsaicin – chili heat. Capsaicin replaces both the “strong” taste you get from alcohol, but also the effect through release of endorphins. The result is a full-flavored drink, despite low content of (raw cane) sugar.

Since the launch in 2015,the flow of order requests from around Europe and beyond have been constant–both from private persons andrestaurant/bar/cafe managers.And now, finally, we’ve managed to put together a solution togetherwith UPS.

From now on, you can order as little as 1 case (12 bottles) – we post to anywhere in Europe, and even freight free from only 2 cases!

The Caliente range, partly developed by Sweden’s first female Michelin chef Titti Qvarnström, is just as good with food as sipped on by its own: Plum Rosemary Chili (heat level 3/5), Ginger Lime Chili (heat level 4/5), Blueberry Lemongrass Chili (heat level 3/5), Cranberry Pomegranate Chili (heat level 4/5)

Source: Caliente

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