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Caliente Launches Third Flavor

Caliente Launches Third FlavorThe beverage startup Caliente is proud to announce the third flavor of its innovative and non-alcoholic organic drinks range. Chili Blueberry Lemongrass is the first of two flavors developed by Swedish Michelin star Chef Titti Qvarnström for Caliente.

– We are so excited, Marketing Director Erika Ollén says. Working with Titti is amazing, and it will give both continued edge to the brand and interesting and challenging flavor combinations as result.

Caliente was launched in 2015, as a social drink for grown ups who want a fun and not too sweet option without alcohol. Infused with chili heat, Capsaicin, it’s the only non-alcoholic bottled drink that kick-starts the endorphins, creating a natural high.

Soon, it was evident that many enjoy Caliente paired great with food. Because the chili heat doesn’t only give a burning sensation – when enjoyed as part of a meal, the heat gives a similar sensation to that of alcohol.

Titti Qvarnström normally houses at Bloom in the Park in Malmö – a restaurant serving innovative food with a local twist. It was one of a handful Swedish restaurants awarded a star, when the Michelin guide opened up for visits to places outside Stockholm.

– Caliente attracted me since it’s a tasty drink with lots of character, and because it isn’t sweet. Without being a me-too product, it can actually complement dishes, replacing alcoholic beverages in a way that few other non-alcoholic options do, says Titti Qvarnström. This one has a fruity taste of European bilberries, a fresh hint of lemongrass, and just enough chili heat to make it all really interesting, she continues.

The collaboration with Titti is also a step towards pointing at Caliente’s Swedish origin. The drinks are produced in Sweden and according to Swedish tradition; transparency and quality are company lead words. Swedish, but with an interesting and global twist, was also the brief for the two new flavors. And even better as a drink with food.

– I would recommend Caliente Chili Blueberry Lemongrass with basically any seafood or Asian style cuisine where the chili note can be complementary. But also with chocolate.

Chili Blueberry Lemongrass is a fresh drink with 20% less sugar and 30% less chili heat compared to the existing two flavors. Good news, in other words, for those who like Caliente but who can’t stand the heat!

– Being a small player, and using only certified organic and all natural juices and ingredients, we are of course somewhat limited in what we can do. Nevertheless, I love the result! Says founder Thomas Adner.

Source: Caliente

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