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Elephant Gin Launch Limited Edition Oak Aged Gin

Elephant Gin Launch Limited Edition Oak Aged GinThe idea of putting gin in a barrel dates back to 18th century exploration when oak was used to ship and store gin; with a travelling spirit at the core of Elephant Gin, Co-Founder Robin Gerlach was inspired to experiment with ageing different variations of their London Dry to add some real heart to their product.

The aim was to find a way to elevate the smoothness of the London Dry, oak was the natural choice to achieve this. When finessing the final product, the goal was to increase the complexity of the gin’s flavour profile without overwhelming its natural fresh characteristics so Robin sought out the perfect combination of new and aged wood. It was key that the juniper-led gin flavour was not overpowered but that the gin had that added body and smooth finish that would really set it apart. After much experimenting, Robin found the ideal blend was achieved by using three different types of oak and a yearlong resting period.

For this limited edition, Elephant Gin chose a 100% rye pot-distilled base to make use of its premium grain structure as well as its spicy and fruity characteristics. Whilst retaining the same 14 botanicals that Elephant London Dry Gin is renowned for, Elephant Aged Gin has increased quantities of these botanicals to achieve a higher concentration of aromas, allowing these characteristic notes to remain prominent after the ageing process.

The result is a premium rye-based Elephant London Dry Gin of 52% ABV aged in oak for an elevated smoothness, additional silky spice, sweet smokiness and a pleasant hint of vanilla excellent supped on its own with ice, or even in a carefully balanced cocktail.

Source: Elephant Gin

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