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Introducing New Soylent Bridge

Introducing New Soylent BridgeRosa Foods, the makers of Soylent, today announced an exciting new product that will join their breakthrough Ready-to-Drink and Powder lines — Soylent Bridge. At only 180 calories per serving, Soylent Bridge was designed to be the perfect solution for when hunger strikes between meals, giving consumers a more nutritious, plant-based alternative to traditional snacks that are full of sugar and empty calories.

“Soylent was created to fill ‘food voids,’ those times when you either skip a meal or make unhealthy, unsustainable or expensive food choices because you don’t have access to something better. We know that mealtime isn’t the only time our customers are faced with these difficult food decisions, so we set out to create a more complete and nutritious way to get you to your next meal. Our customers have been asking for a lighter, lower-calorie option that still packs a protein punch to satisfy these occasions and with Soylent Bridge, we’ve delivered,” shared CEO, Bryan Crowley.

For anyone who is counting calories as part of a New Year’s resolution, but still wants to get the nutrients they need, Soylent Bridge is a great addition to their routine. Each 11oz bottle contains 15 grams of plant-based protein and 36 essential nutrients with just 180 calories and only 3 grams of sugar. Soylent Bridge will launch in a delicious chocolate flavor, which means you don’t have to trade taste for nutrition, and its slow-burning carbs will keep you feeling fuller longer.

As well as being an accessible, nutritious and convenient choice, Soylent’s products have been developed with the planet in mind. A vegan and nut-free drink, Soylent Bridge uses plant-based protein to ensure less water is utilized and less CO2 is produced compared to processes used to source protein from livestock. The innovative drink design also reduces food waste with a year-long shelf life from manufacture. Because Soylent Bridge has no need for refrigeration until opened, it’s able to stay fresh and taste great for longer.

Source: Soylent

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