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Gemma di Luna Earns Top Honors From The Women’s Choice Award

Gemma di Luna Earns Top Honors From The Women's Choice AwardEnovation Brands, Inc. is proud to announce Gemma di Luna has received the Women’s Choice Award establishing the brand as top in its category for exceptional consumer recommendation ratings as a wine that 9 out of 10 women would recommend to friends and family.

The Women’s Choice Award is the only award based solely on the recommendations of women, the most powerful consumer. The mission of the award is to empower women via a collective voice which identifies brands, products and services that deserve their loyalty and referrals. To earn the 9 out of 10 Recommended award Gemma di Luna was required to satisfy a two-step qualification process to achieve a greater than 85% recommendation rating in both a national survey of the brands female consumers and with a live taste testing panel.

Recommendation ratings are the pinnacle for determining true brand loyalty and love, with peer recommendations being one of the key criteria consumers say influence their choices in wine. The award enables Gemma di Luna to display the Women’s Choice 9 out of 10 Recommended Seal in the brands marketing communications. When choosing between two brands at a similar price, 95% of women say that seeing the Women’s Choice Award seal would make their purchase decision easier, which gives Gemma di Luna a powerful differentiator to stand out in the the cluttered wine marketplace. Gemma di Luna will communicate the award via special packaging, digital outreach and point of sale materials.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Women’s Choice Award,” said Giovanni Pecora, CEO of Enovation Brands. “In conceiving Gemma di Luna, we sought to bring together everything women want in wine; beloved varietals, carefully crafted and presented in beautiful packaging to infuse a bit of luxury into every day moments. This endorsement confirms we have no only achieved that goal, but also earned the trust and loyalty of our valued consumers.”

Source: Gemma di Luna

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