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Ice Dreams Poptails are overtaking the South East Region

Ice Dreams Poptails are overtaking the South East RegionDriven by a powerful epicurean mindset and strong will for simplicity and happiness, Ice Dreams Poptails offer a brand-new frozen drink experience. Born out of the popular craft cocktail culture, the extremely cute 21+ boozy ice-pops brand revamps 4 legendary cocktails into signature frozen bars and bring a fancy new way to enjoy liquors.

Colorful and vibrant, the selection of fruity natural flavors is deliciously spiked with premium American spirits that reveals the unique divine nature of each frozen blend.

All at once refreshing and cool, sometimes sweet or tangy, Ice Dreams tasteful buzz is now here to suit every glorious lifestyle and mindset.

“We are committed to inviting anyone to take a break and create memories by enjoying the moment. Our Philosophy could be outlined with these 3 words: Grab and Freeze the Moment. We are an inspiring cocktail brand which values life moments. We are cocktails, but “poptail” is our differentiation and charming way to say that we are a frozen beverage brand by essence,”  said Vincent Herrmann, Ice Dreams Poptails Founder, and CEO.

Ice Dreams Poptails are already distributed in 7 states after launching 3 months ago.

Loyal to its commitment and charming identity, the independent brand simply hits the market with an uncommon but genuine approach and already seduced Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Washington DC.

The poptails are 100% crafted in the USA. The signature blends were developed following accurate mixology principles (8% alcohol, 100ml serving). Ice Dreams Poptails come with cute reusable neoprene sleeves to enjoy the brain freeze but keeping

“On a business perspective, pre-mixed drinks sales have been booming for the past years. The two past months of Americans being sheltered have boosted their interest in convenient ready-to-drink beverages. As people are less adventurous outside, they are stepping out of their routine and are more likely to try something new at home. We saw our in-store and online sales volume increases, with incredibly positive and exciting feedback from first-time customers,” said V. Herrmann.

Source: Ice Dreams Poptails

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