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Tenzing Natural Energy Launches Their Most Powerful Blend

Tenzing Natural Energy Launches Their Most Powerful BlendWith the country on lockdown and people concentrating on keeping active, exercise has spiked to an all-time high. As a result, TENZING has brought forward the launch of its most powerful plant-based energy drink to date!

TENZING Blackberry & A ç a í is crammed with bad-ass anti-oxidizing berries and is their first blend to include natural BCAAs to specifically increase stamina and aid sports recovery. The bigger 330ml can pack 30% more caffeine than their previous two blends.

This new super-charged blend unlocks the power of plants to energize a workout, hydrate the body , support muscle growth, and reduce post-workout muscle burn!

Tenzing Natural Energy Launches Their Most Powerful Blend

“Since lockdown, more people than ever have taken up a new sport, exercise regime or fitness challenge, which made us think; people need this drink now more than ever! ” – Huib van Bockel, Founder, TENZING

TENZING has strengthened the usual triple hit of natural caffeine, electrolytes and vitamin C with the added zing of Branched Chain Amino Acids from corn. Making it the first naturally energizing drink with vegan BCAAs. And now with even more Vitamin C to reduce tiredness & fatigue and support the immune system.

Continuing its mission to champion the power of plants, TENZING set out to find a natural source of BCAA for its newest flavor profile. Nearly all other BCAA products are made from keratin – a process that uses solvents to extract the amino acids from animal-derived sources including bird feathers or even sometimes pig follicles!

“Somehow people have come to believe that energy from nature is not as strong as artificial energy drinks. This is of course far from the truth as our natural range packs just the same punch. Now we’ve launched a drink that goes even further. We found a way to source BCAA from corn and are excited to launch the world’s first naturally energizing drink with plant-based BCAAs!” – Huib van Bockel, Founder, TENZING

Whilst researching ingredients, Team TENZING discovered it was possible to extract BCAAs by fermenting corn using friendly probiotic bacteria – a much more costly process but… well worth it! This new TENZING blend is the strongest plant-power on the market AND the only plant-based BCAA drink free from any artificial ingredients.

Active people looking for a caffeine fix, electrolytes, and amino acids, now finally have an option that has all the power without the nasties!

  • 106mg Caffeine (the equivalent of 2.5x shots of coffee) from Green Coffee & Green Tea
  • 24mg Vitamin C (the equivalent of half an orange) from British Blackberries, Acerola Cherries & Açai Berries
  • 100mg Electrolytes from Himalayan Rock Salt
  • 1500mg BCAA from Corn


TENZING is the first brand to launch a product on the Strava fitness tracking platform. Strava users that complete the ‘ TENZING Unleash Energy Challenge ’ will be the first to experience the new blend from 11th May, a week before the official launch! But, challengers will need to prove they’ve earned the chance to taste TENZING’s most-powerful natural energy drink to date!

Tenzing Natural Energy Launches Their Most Powerful BlendParticipants will be required to complete at least 20 minutes of any activity*, four times a week, for two consecutive weeks from 27th April. They’ll be rewarded with a secret URL providing them exclusive access to purchase TENZING’s new drink as well as the TENZING Unleash Energy digital badge.

To inspire challengers to get their sweat on, TENZING will be hosting LIVE workouts with some of the industry’s leading fitness studios and trainers during the 2-week challenge. This includes Core Collective, Rowbots, Rathbone Boxing Gym and Digme Fitness.

* – Strava tracked sports include cycling, walking, weight training, home workouts, cross-fit, yoga, boxing, stair-stepping, running, and more.

  • Strava Challenge Launch: 27th April 2020
  • Strava Exclusive Pre Sale: 11th May 2020
  • Official Nationwide Launch: 18th May 2020

Following the Strava Challenge it will be available to purchase on TENZING’s webstore , Holland & Barrett, Amazon, Whole Foods, Planet Organic & As Nature Intended.

  • Zero artificial sweeteners or additives
  • 68 calories per can
  • 100% Natural ingredients: Green Tea, Green Coffee, Acerola Cherry, Lemon Juice, Blackberry
  • Juice, Açaí Juice, Beet Sugar, Himalayan Rock Salt & BCAAs from Corn.
  • 30% of recommended intake of Vitamin C
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, low sugar and low calorie
  • 100% recyclable and BPA Free can
  • 5% of profits go to environmental projects

Source: Tenzing

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