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Wild Kombucha Announces Partnership with Coastal Sunbelt Produce

Wild Kombucha Announces Partnership with Coastal Sunbelt ProduceBaltimore-based kombucha brewer Mobtown Fermentation today announced a new partnership with Coastal Sunbelt Produce – a Maryland company that distributes produce and dairy throughout the mid-Atlantic – that will double the number of states where they can distribute their Wild Kombucha line.

Wild Kombucha, which is a fermented tea flavored with natural fruit juices, is currently available in over 300 locations, but until now has been somewhat limited in their distribution range, partly due to the infrastructure necessary, and from a commitment to the ensuring their product’s quality when it reaches shelves. Partnering with Coastal Sunbelt Produce and their fleet of refrigerated trucks will allow them to greatly expand their range of distribution.

“Until now most of our distribution efforts have been done in-house, which has worked well for us, but we’re also restricted by the resources we have available,” said Sid Sharma, Mobtown Fermentation co-owner. “Distribution is exclusively what Coastal Sunbelt Produce does, which will let us focus more on things like continuing to expand our product line.”

Wild Kombucha has seen a 200 percent growth since 2015, and Sharma believes this move will allow them to continue, and possibly increase, that rate. In addition to adding a new Tart Cherry Ginger flavor to its line in April, Wild Kombucha has been focusing on expanding in to new markets and became available at La Colombe coffee stores in Philadelphia, which has recently expanded the number of locations where Wild Kombucha is sold.

Source: Wild Kombucha

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