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Wonky Drinks Brand Launches In The United Kingdom

Wonky Drinks Brand Launches In The United KingdomWonky is entering the market with the product made from wonky fruit and veg designed for food services. Wonky drinks designed in 5 litre boxes that reduces amount of waste by 70% comparing to plastic bottles and it is not chilled for further carbon footprint reduction.

Wonky Drinks Brand Launches In The United KingdomOur startup is a new juice brand live by the motto ‘give wonky fruit a chance’ and we are aiming to become the most sustainable juice brand in the Europe.

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign LINK with 3 naturally tasty, cold-pressed juices that taste great but also does good! All juices are 100% natural, pure and free from any nasties such as powders, oils, infusions, acids or GMOs.

Wonky has created a robust solution to provide healthy and sustainable drinks to workplace canteens and universities. The concept is to deliver reusable dispensing pack of NATURAL CARBON NEUTRAL juice which saves WONKY fruit preventing them to become food waste. Each 5 litre box saves over 7kg of Wonky produce, reduces amount of waste and provides ethical craft drinks to food services.

Smart packaging is a readily sustainable solution for the increasing amount of waste in the UK. Instead of 15-25 plastic bottles or tetrapacks they offer one 5 litre reusable box with spout and environmentally friendly cups. It reduces amount of waste by 70% comparing to plastic bottles, and therefore it has low carbon footprint.

„Often, orchards can’t shift their produce due to the wrong size or shape. We pay as much as 70% of the market price for produce that would be otherwise utilised which is also additional cost for orchards. As a result, we save fruit and help orchards.”

Wonky Drinks Brand Launches In The United KingdomThe idea of Wonky is to deliver ethical craft juice, that gives wonky fruit a chance. The RRP of 250ml cup is just £1 and £1.35 a 330ml eco-friendly glass bottle at student/workplace canteens. For each Wonky drink sold we want to give back to Bernardo’s and reinvest all remaining profits to save more food from going to waste.

”There are three things I absolutely love about Wonky: reusable box which reduces amount of waste and provides long-shelf life, the fact that Wonky saves misshapen and unloved produce and finally the range of simple-yet-sublime flavours. Have you ever heard of chokeberry juice? It’s superfood and it’s high time to taste it!” – said Maciek Kacprzyk Co-founder of Wonky.

„We need to start saving Wonky produce as it is done in France. These fruit and veg are thrown away whilst they could be easily sold in shops or food services. However it’s super hard to find them in the UK, and therefore we want to give wonky fruit a chance and introduce Wonky drinks to large catering firms such as Baxter Storey, Elior, Sodexo or Compass and at the later stage to retail.” – Kacprzyk underlined.


Source: Wonky

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