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Chinese Drink Less Juice & Juice Drink Comparing To U.S.

Chinese Drink Less Juice & Juice Drink Comparing To U.S.

The domestic and foreign demands continued to remain weak and the production continued the decline of 2014, which was expected to drop by 2% year on year.

The first trade shrinking in Juice and Juice Drinks occurred. An overall slide in import volume and value and export volume and value was found. The total trade volume was foreseen to drop by 4% and the total value to drop by 15%.

Producing enterprises’ income growth slowed down further to about 1.5%, which was the lowest within the recent 10 years.

The market lacked star products and fierce competition was found in the terminal market and the sales dropped.

From the life cycle of the industrial development, after an extremely short growth period, China’s Juice and Juice Drinks industry quickly entered the mature stage and appeared the present dilemma of “getting old before get rich “.

Chinese people’s per capita consumption of Juice and Juice Drinks is far lower than the developed countries such as the European countries, America and Japan. The low consumption level is inconsistent with consumers’ increased consumption capacity, consumers’ continually increased health consciousness and the tendency to pursue convenience. Consumers’ consumption potentials are not stimulated effectively and a huge development space still remains in the market.

How can China’s Juice and Juice Drinks industry break through the impasse?

BOABC thinks that a thorough and deed analyses of the industry development environment, the supply and demand situation, the competition pattern, the development of the main enterprises would help enterprises find the crux of the industry dilemma and then lead China’s Juice and Juice Drinks industry out of the valley and enter a healthy development expressway.

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