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“Soft Yellow” added to the range of natural and crystal clear orange and yellow tones!

Image_CrystalClearColours_2_0 (1)Döhler has extended its spectrum of successful Crystal Clear Colours with a new soft yellow shade alongside the vibrant orange and yellow tones. In the past, the only way to achieve a ‘warm orange’, ‘shining yellow’ or ‘soft yellow’ in clear beverages without affecting the taste and stability was by using artificial colours. All colour tones in the Döhler Crystal Clear Colours range display optimum stability and a particularly balanced sensory profile in transparent beverages, without the use of any artificial ingredients at all. The Crystal Clear Colours 2.0 are based on natural colouring principles such as paprika extract, beta-carotene and lutein. Thanks to this use of exclusively plant-based raw materials, the colours are also suitable for vegetarian and vegan products. The range of natural, crystal clear orange and yellow tones is therefore opening up new options for the beverage industry in the development of natural beverages. The Crystal Clear Colours are characterised by outstanding stability under the influence of light, heat and different pH values. These properties and their colour intensity makes the Crystal Clear Colours ideal for a wide range of beverage applications, such as still drinks, water plus beverages and clear lemonades. Döhler Crystal Clear Colours allow clear beverages to stand out with a colour spectrum ranging from intense, warm orange tones to bright, shining or soft yellow tones. 

Alongside the Crystal Clear Colours, Döhler offers the food and beverage industry a whole spectrum of products on the theme of colours: from colouring concentrates and natural colours to colour and cloud emulsions.

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