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Döhler at Brau Beviale 2014

download (1)At Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, Döhler is inviting its visitors to take a multi-sensory journey of discovery through the world of food and beverages. The company is showcasing a broad portfolio of natural ingredients and ingredient systems, as well as innovative ideas for food and beverages in which all the ingredients are in perfect harmony! Guided by the principle “WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE.”, the partner for integrated food and beverage solutions is presenting around 100 innovative ideas for food and beverages that range from refreshing carbonated soft drinks and juicy energy drinks to aqua plus and malt beverages, juices and nectars, up to wine, cider and beer mixes. All these innovations are based on the extensive product portfolio of natural ingredients, consisting of flavours, colours, health & nutrition ingredients, cereal ingredients, dairy ingredients, speciality ingredients, fruit & vegetable ingredients and ingredient systems. As well as a range of taste-giving and functional plant extracts, the top ingredient innovations also include efficient ingredient solutions especially for the brewing industry.

Sensory added value and functional building blocks: Cereal & Malt ingredients
Döhler is presenting an extensive portfolio of cereal and malt ingredients with a wide range of benefits at Brau Beviale. Cereal and malt extracts are characterised by their distinct flavour profile and are also premium nutritional building blocks. This makes them the ideal basis for innovative non-alcoholic beverages with a wide range of positioning options: from light, refreshing malt beverages to halal-suitable non-alcoholic beers and even dark malt beverages. By combining natural raw materials with state-of-the-art production technologies, Döhler is in a position to offer cereal and malt extracts that ensure the maximum added value in the final applications.

Döhler is also exhibiting efficient solutions for breweries in Nuremberg. Special extracts and concentrates make it possible to simplify brewing processes, reduce INVESTMENT and continually improve the products. Another highlight are the new wort and sour wort concentrates, which are being presented to the trade professionals for the first time at Brau Beviale.

Producing premium beers in a consistent quality is a big challenge for breweries today. To help them achieve this goal, Döhler offers a cost-efficient solution for reducing the pH of mash and wort naturally: a sour wort concentrate that is produced from traditionally-manufactured sour wort and concentrated using a gentle process. Döhler’s sour wort concentrate is proven to be superior to acidified malt and improves the taste stability and “drinkability” of beer significantly.In addition, the all-round partner for the brewing industry is showcasing a wort concentrate that has been specially tailored to the requirements of the modern brewing process with regard to an ideal wort composition and minimal thermal load. Döhler wort concentrate has comparable properties to those of a conventionally-produced wort and makes consistently high quality possible for a wide range of beer types. At the same time, it offers the brewer plenty of creative leeway to develop an individual beer taste. That makes Döhler wort concentrate the perfect alternative for commercial brewers, home brewers and those who want to become one!

Healthy tastes better
Once again in 2014, the number of new product launches shows that reduced-calorie products and products with healthy additional benefits are on trend around the world. Thanks to an extensive portfolio of health & nutrition ingredients – including functional ingredients and a wide range of sweetening systems – combined with a high level of application expertise, Döhler brings together the crucial competencies under one roof. At Brau BEVIALE, the company is demonstrating this with various product ideas, offering innovative and functional product positionings. Furthermore, products that bring together the two mega trends of “naturalness” and “health” in one item are enjoying a particularly high level of acceptance among consumers. Döhler is reacting to this trend with a broad-based ingredient portfolio that ranges from fermented, reduced-calorie juices to MultiSweet® Stevia sweeteners and “Botanical” extracts. The latter provide an outstanding option for highlighting health-related product positionings in an emotional way. Thanks to a joint venture in South Africa with Afriplex, a leading supplier of natural extracts, Döhler is also able to exhibit a wide variety of premium quality extracts from fruits and plants native to that country. The key focus here is on rooibos, baobab, moringa and aloe ferox.

When taste becomes a real experience
Many “Botanicals” are of great interest not only thanks to the wide range of positionings they allow, but also because of the extraordinary taste experience they deliver. When it comes to flavours, extraordinary is right on trend at the moment – blossom notes, herbs and spices are particularly popular. Cardamom, coriander, rose, violet and hibiscus provide a hint of the exotic and stimulate innovation.

Low in calories yet rich in ingredients that are valuable to the body – that is what vegetable juices are known and loved for! This is a key reason why vegetable flavours are a big trend in soft drinks at the moment. In order to meet the growing demand for vegetable ingredients, the specialist for fruit & vegetable ingredients has expanded its portfolio significantly in recent years. Using myriad extraordinary product applications, ranging from juice beverages and flavoured water to tea beverages, Döhler proves that vegetables are not just healthy, but also extremely delicious, refreshing and unique-tasting when combined with fruit, tea, spice or herb ingredients.

More than “just” natural
Naturalness is the word of the moment in the food industry, and the guiding principle behind Döhler’s entire portfolio – but naturalness alone is often not enough.

Some natural colours, such as carmine and caramel colouring, have fallen into disrepute and are usually replaced. Alternatives on display at Döhler’s Brau Beviale stand include natural red tones in the Red Brilliance range and colouring concentrates made from malt and apple. In addition, the company is exhibiting its extensive range of natural colours, stretching from red, yellow, orange, green and blue to brown tones.

Food intolerances are also causing people to avoid some natural ingredients in foods and beverages, such as cereals. While this presents the industry with challenges, it also unlocks market opportunities, as so-called “free-from” products move increasingly from a niche market into the mainstream. For these products Döhler is showcasing its new portfolio of gluten-free malt extracts at Brau Beviale.

Even the market for alcoholic products is now falling under the trend for naturalness. As well as providing a special taste, the use of fruit juices in alcoholic beverages also allows them to move into the premium segment. However, not every fruit juice can be combined with alcohol; precipitation, sedimentation and therefore an impaired look in the final product are all potential pitfalls. Döhler has developed a range of special juice concentrates that are tailor-made for use in alcoholic beverages – they do not cause cloudiness or sedimentation even at high juice contents. These juice concentrates are ideal both for low-alcoholic beverages like ciders and wine mixes and for high-proof spirits.

For every innovative product development and product application, Döhler’s main focus is always on the multi-sensory product experience, based on appealing harmoniously to all senses. Thanks to this holistic sensory approach, Döhler is able to guarantee its customers an important building block to success – helping them to stand out from the crowd.

Hall 1, Stand 303

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