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Z Natural Foods Launches Organic Instant Mushroom Coffee

Z Natural Foods Launches Organic Instant Mushroom CoffeeZ Natural Foods announced today the release of Organic Instant Mushroom Coffee, their newest functional superfood beverage.

Organic Instant Mushroom Coffee is an instant dark coffee infused with three kinds of mushroom powders; organic chaga, organic lion’s mane and organic cordyceps. This coffee blend is high in antioxidants, beta-glucans and chlorogenic acid which are commonly associated with many of the health benefits traditionally associated with mushrooms.

“Our goal was to create a highly nutritious instant coffee without sacrificing taste,” reports Jonathan Parker, Director of Nutrition Sciences for Z Natural Foods. “There is no brewing needed, just add water and you’ll instantly enjoy this lightly sweet and creamy beverage that will forever make you rethink your morning coffee.”

The coffee is a blend of Organic Dark Roasted Colombian Coffee, Organic Coconut Milk, Chaga mushroom which may support the immune system, Lion’s Mane mushroom for it’s possible mental calming and concentration effects, and Cordyceps mushroom to support energy and vitality.

“The instant coffee is a fine crystal powder so it dissolves quickly,” Parker said. “You won’t notice you are getting vitamin D, magnesium and other vitamins and minerals from the mushrooms because the taste of the delicious dark roast coffee is so good.”

Z Natural Foods carefully chose farmers to grow the highest quality mushrooms in their natural environments. The harvesting and drying techniques maximize the mushroom’s nutritional potency. “Excellent farming, drying, powdering and packaging ensures each tasty cup of coffee provides more quality mushroom nutrition than any other coffee blend,” says Parker.

Source: Z Natural Foods

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